Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frisbee Golf Mission Style…

Llano Estero State Park 045

We both love to play frisbee golf but didn’t get to play much out west as we happened not to camp near very many courses. So one day we decided that it was time to play some frisbee golf and just assumed there would be several courses nearby… Well we were wrong!

Llano Estero State Park 043There was however one course not too far away in McAllen, Texas so we gathered up our discs and drove over to the park but found that is not in the best of locations. The online directions alerted us that the hole 1 tee box was located at a  playground just across from the David Soto Baseball Field. There was ample parking at the playground so we parked and made our way over to hole number one.

Llano Estero State Park 044This is the nearest course to us and it is only a nine hole course (another larger course is located farther down the road in Edinburg). Our plan was to play it twice to make it eighteen holes. As it turned out we were the only ones playing on this course this nice sunny day. The course itself is a fairly simple course but it wraps around a swampy area that has lots of tall reeds growing through deep mud so we discussed as long as we avoided tossing a disc into the swamp we shouldn’t have any problem,.

Llano Estero State Park 047Hole number one didn’t look too bad but it ended up being the hardest hole on the course, well, at least it was for Sharon. She made her drive on number one straight but short so this meant she would have to toss the second one nearly as hard as the first. A quick flick of the wrist and all I heard was “CRAP!”. I turned just in time to see the red disc (the one in in the header photo) sail aimlessly right into the middle of the swamp. Our very first disc casualty since we have been playing disc golf. Sigh...

Llano Estero State Park 046We had no real problem with the rest of the course except for a few mosquitos.  Other than the location being beside the large swamp this disc course is not very challenging. We had fun playing the course and even got a visit from a Great Kiskadee Flycatcher while playing. However, as much as we like disc golf we probably won’t play this course again. It just isn’t worth the drive over to it from our park. We have heard from some other folks in the park that there is pickle ball for seniors nearby and it is only 50 cents for 2 hours with equipment and instructrion included.  Sharon is working on me to give this a try. We'll see.....


  1. Hey Duke! Glad to see you both out and getting exercise, having fun! Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Take care and thanks for your support over the year.

  2. I think you will REALLY enjoy pickleball. You will get a really great workout, and it is a lot of fun.

    But be careful ... A nurse in our park said that there are more pickleball injuries than anything else, by far !!

    Things like sprains, twisted ankles, sore knees etc.

    Basically, she said that most people are very out of shape, and take on too much, too quickly.

    Once you start playing, you will understand the attraction to it.

    Take care ... TnT

  3. Always something to keep you busy, just decide what it is you want to do. Enjoy the nice weather!