Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello from Winnemucca, Nevada…


On our trek toward Bryce Canyon we decided to take our time and spend a few days at locations about 100 to 200 miles away from each other.. So just over 200 miles from our last stop in Bend Oregon we chose to stop at the town of Winnemucca in Nevada. We picked out a newer RV park who accepted Passport America allowing us a 50% discount. So our rate for this nice park just outside of town was only $17.50 for full hookups for a maximum of two days. Perfect for our needs…

Winnemucca NV 035   

Since most of the day was taken up by driving we waited until the next day to go into town and our plan was to swing by the visitor’s center to pick up a brochure for a self guided walking tour.of Winnemucca. As much as we love hiking in the wilderness we also enjoy hiking around the towns we visit to get a feel for their history, architecture, and culture. With our brochure in hand we set off on a three mile hike around the town…

Winnemucca had received a bad rap in a lot of the blogs I have read but we found the town to be interesting and fun. The tour gave a real feel for not only the history but what made the town tick… Amusingly the town is quite proud that Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang robbed the First National Bank of $32,000.00 on September 19, 1900. We walked by the scene of the crime as well as many other historical buildings and homes.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Like many Nevada towns gambling is prevalent here so after we walked around the town and soaked in its history we walked over to the Winner’s Casino to try our luck at a little nickel video poker. Even better we discovered that the bar had nickel video poker machines making it real easy to procure a frosty adult beverage while playing.

After several tasty beverages and playing video poker for about an hour and a half we cashed out and left. Including tips for the drinks and the cost of gambling we spent a grand sum of about $4.50 which we felt was a real bargain for 1.5 hours of fun.

With our two days up we researched the web and picked out our next stop in Eureka Nevada about 160 miles southwest of Winnemucca. We are a little bummed that a cold front with rain is heading our way so we will need to find a spot to wait out the storm before visiting Bryce Canyon but alas, such is the life of us full time RV’ers…


  1. Bryce is beautiful and worth the wait. The hike down into Bryce Canyon is more colorful than the hike down into the GC.

  2. You will love Bryce Canyon. It is a beautiful place. Be sure to visit the little town of Panguitch and Hatch. Grew up in Nevada, never made it to Winnemucca...looks like I need to make a stop there.

  3. Wow $32,000 in 1900 was a ton of money.

  4. We've never been to Bryce Canyon either. Maybe next spring...

  5. Interest is in the eye of the beholder. We also enjoy walking around towns and tasting what the past might have bee. Seems like you are taking a rout just the opposite of what I'm thinking about for next spring.

  6. Bryce is fabulous but it will be cool up there!