Friday, November 21, 2014

Taking in a SD Charger Football Game with Friends…

imageWe knew when we decided to book a two month stay in San Diego that we would be able to reunite with some friends we made here a few years ago. Our friends, Blake and Dawnderee, hail from northern California and aren’t typical RV’ers. They are in a smaller subset of those who RV sin order to follow their favorite sports team. In this case it is the San Diego Chargers. So they make an 8 hour trek down here to stay during the football season and when there is a few weeks gap they leave the RV locked up in their site to head back home t since Blake is still a working man.

imageSD Chargers and more 006

We were in the park about two weeks before they returned and when we got  together it was like it was yesterday. We have been enjoying their company and especially when they treated us to tickets so we too could join them for the San Diego Chargers vs the Los Angeles Raiders.

SD Chargers and more 007  SD Chargers and more 009

Game day for a pro sports team is not a lot different than that for a big college rivalry game. However the fans for this rivalry game between San Diego and Los Angeles are a bit more “rabid” than most college fans. Raider’s fan’s were all decked out in costumes displaying their prominent colors of Black and Silver while the Chargers fans countered with Charger Jerseys and painted yellow and blue faces.

SD Chargers and more 020

We set up our tailgate not too far from the entrance and tailgaters were everywhere with tents set up, chairs out and grills smoking.  I could also see lots and lots of red solo cups. We brought some steaks for the grill and our own adult beverages which nearly cost us a lot of money.

SD Chargers and more 005image

We found out that the stadium no longer allows bottled beverages into the game after an incident at a previous Chargers/Raiders game. Did I mention that these two fan bases don’t like either much?. A police officer reminded us in a not so friendly way that if we didn’t pour out our beverages and throw the bottles away that we would each get a $200.00 ticket. We complied with his request and were glad we did since the next group he found with bottles weren’t as fortunate as we saw him giving them a ticket…

SD Chargers and more 028SD Chargers and more 038

We certainly had fun at the game with our California friends and are looking forward to other encounters such as bike riding on the beach and of course Taco Tuesdays. Life is good here in San Diego…


  1. Looking like you had a great tailgate party and fun time at the gaem. Good things you missed getting the tickets.

  2. That is a great stadium. We got to see our Bucs win the Superbowl there! Glad you are having so much fun in San Diego!

  3. Looks like you are having a grand time in our former hometown! We arrive at Mission Bay on January 2, one day overlap with you guys! (after we leave Santee we are spending 10 days in Hans brothers driveway to house sit while they take a Christmas ski trip before we come to Mission Bay.)

    If you like fish tacos I recommend the tacos and the view at Wonderland in Ocean Beach.