Sunday, December 6, 2015

21 Great Stocking Stuffers for your favorite RV’er …

Here are 21 great stocking stuffers ideas to get for your favorite RV’er :

Selfie Stick With a Shutter Button – Everybody who takes pictures needs one of these to get a new perspective on their photos.

Flexible Mini Tripod – Want to take a group shot or a time lapse photo of something and need a tripod? Here is a solution for your digital camera, smart phone or mini-cam.

“RV” the movie DVD – Every RV’er really needs to watch this hilarious movie about the lighter side of RV’ing. Get one today!

Water Bandit – This is a must have for RV’ers who like to use National Parks, State Parks and US Forest Service campgrounds. This little blue wonder will attach to any water source!

RV (Widescreen Edition)

Small Bubble LevelsNeed to get level then this is a small item you really should have! Use these bubble levels to get your rig to near perfect levelness!

Quick Hose Connect – Make life easy with these quick connect/disconnects and make hooking up your water hoses quick and easy!

Water Pressure Regulator - Protect your RV plumbing against high pressure with one of these nifty little attachments. 

Garden Hose Splitter or Y-valve – Get one of these ergonomic hose splitters and you will be glad you got rid of your old one. It's now much easier to open/close the valves as well as easier to install and operate!

Product DetailsCamco 40064 Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge

Rubber Shelf Liners – Tired of your dishes and utensils sliding around in your RV and making noise when traveling. Then buy some shelf liner and cut it to custom fit your cabinets and drawers. No more sliding and no more noise.

Microfiber Dish Drying Mat – Every RV kitchen needs one of these small but efficient matts for drying dishes on.

Life is Good Coffee Cup – Get something whimsical and fun for your favorite RV’er to wake up to every morning.

LED Waterproof Shoelaces – Another fun and whimsical  stocking stuffer are these shoe laces that light up at night. They also are great for safety while walking late at night.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Exercise Resistance Bands – Are you into fitness and staying in  shape then these portable exercise bands are the perfect gift. If you have a small set of weights then a set of these will make your outdoor gym complete.

Heavy Duty RV Tire Gauge –We all know that checking our tire pressure on our RV is extremely important. So pick up one of these heavy duty tire gauges. 

Quakehold Museum Putty – Want your pictures to stay up and not fall down? Don’t want to make holes in the walls. Here you go… museum putty works on any surface.

RV Slideout Corner Guards – Tired up hitting your head on the corner of your slide-out? Get rid of the those swimmers noodles and use these.

Product DetailsSlime 2020-A Dually RV Dial Tire Gauge 10-160 PSI

LED Headlamp – Grilling at night? Need to get something out of a bin? When you need to use both your hands and still see this is the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer – Need to know how chilly it is outside? Then this device that displays indoor and outdoor temperatures is just what you need. 

Self Powered LED Flashlight – Ever need a flashlight and when you grabbed it the batteries were dead? Make sure that never happens again with this self powered LED light. Simply wind it up and its shining bright for you.

AcuRite 00611A3 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity SensorDuracell 60-063 Smart Power Self Powered LED XL Flashlight


Passport America, Save 50% on CampsitesLastly get a stocking stuffer that will save your favorite RV’er a bunch of cash when they go camping. Get them a one year Membership to Passport America. For only $44.00 your favorite RV’er will save 50% off at over 1900 campgrounds.

We have been members for nearly five years and we have stayed at many of these campgrounds. While they may not be all glamorous resorts many of them are among some of our favorite places to stop…. and we get them all for 50% off! What a deal!!!!

Stocking stuffers are a great way to show a person how much you care and/or love them. Not sure what to get them then one of the best stocking stuffers you could get them would be an Amazon Gift Card!  Who wouldn’t want one of these in their stockings!

We are having fun here in Bonita Springs, Florida and one of the things we love about staying in a place for an extended period is that we have mailing address. We have been buying lots of goodies and having them delivered to our winter home. Sharon commented the other day how much she loved having a home address but was also saddened by the fact that she missed getting Christmas Cards from friends. Now that we have an address if some of you want to cheer her up send us a Christmas Card to our winter home: 172 Champion Ln, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135. Happy shopping and you better hurry up and finish as the holidays are just around the corner…


  1. All handy items think we have most of those already.

  2. This is a great list. I Shared it on facebook.

  3. Okay ... I could add a dozen more to those. We've been shopping online too but having them sent to where we're going to be for Christmas.

  4. Loved the list. The shoe laces are new to me, what a hoot! Merry Christmas

  5. Too funny I just ordered the bands for us today!

  6. Glad to hear you're enjoying your winter home. It might get expensive having a mailing address though. :)