Monday, October 23, 2017

Urban Hiking Around Charleston SC…


We sure enjoyed our first visit to the Carolina Beach area of North Carolina. However, it was time to move further south with Charleston SC to be our next destination. Finding it difficult to locate accommodations in the area we finally found availability at Wishing Well Campground in Sunset Beach, NC. It is not the nicest park but certainly an okay stop for us to visit this area again.


Our first day was spent mostly trying to locate a 25 amp slo-blo 125 volt fuse. Why did we need such a specialized fuse? Well when we went to bring in our slide not too long ago it wouldn’t come in. I did my best to troubleshoot and finally determined that it must be a fuse somewhere…. but where?


I made a quick call to the service center in Red Bay Alabama and a nice fellow working at Tiffin Motorhomes told me exactly where to look for the likely culprit – a ceramic slo-blo fuse. He told me I could use any 20 amp or higher fuse and it would bring the slide in but I needed to replace it soon otherwise I would be going through a lot of 20 amp glass fuses. At least I had one of those so we were able to retract the slide and move on.


As soon as we could we went to Camping World (two of them) and neither one carried the fuse. We had already blown through three 20 amp glass fuses so I needed to find one fast. After again trying to find one in North Charleston and near us we finally gave up deciding we would just wait to look for it at our next destination. We were then free to explore so we drove to downtown Charleston SC.


We have toured Charleston a few times before but have always loved this historic and charming southern city. We scored some free parking near the ferry to the National Historic Site of Fort Sumter. We checked out the visitor’s center but opted to not take the ferry over to the fort. We decided instead to walk across central Charleston then come back along the waterfront.


Fourteen thousand steps later we had taken in all the sights which downtown Charleston had to offer. I love, love, love the architecture in this town.So many beautiful homes have been restored in most cases to what they once were in the 1800’s. Our stroll down Broad Street, along Murray Blvd, .then up to the Waterfront Park and the maritime Center was delightful indeed.


Just as we were returning to our car we saw an Ace Hardware store where we thought why not stop on the off chance they had our odd fuse. Whaddya know! They indeed had it so we happily paid three whole dollars for the fuse elated at the serendipity of happening upon it so unexpectedly! We decided to finish our long trek at a local watering hole to celebrate our great day before returning home to pack for our move further south…

NOTE: We left the Charleston area and stayed a few days in southeastern Georgia but are now in Jacksonville Florida to have the RV serviced…


  1. The problem of course with blown fuses is that there is a reason the fuse is blowing in the first place...

    1. yes, but it isn't always a crisis, afterall even fuses die of old age ;)

  2. I was just thinking the same thing....Ace is the place!!! Glad you found that fuse!
    We love Charleston too!!

  3. We also loved walking through Charleston this May. A beautiful city with a ton of history. As relatively new full-timers, we have learned many tips from your blog over the last year including about Betty's RV park in Abbeville. We are just completing our delightful week long stay at Betty's before heading to Florida. Thanks for the information!

    1. Yes we too love staying at Betty's... where you off to in Florida as will will be wintering here...

    2. John, we are first going to Davis Bayou for a week, then the month of November in Destin FL. From there across to Port Canaveral for 6 weeks, then to the Tampa area for Feb. We hope to explore and scout out the other campgrounds for next year. Also, check out my blog as I've referenced yours!

  4. Glad that you found your fuse!

    We love Charleston and never seem to tire of it. The big old homes there are gorgeous!

  5. We too love walking around Charleston, even got to tour some homes on one visit. Glad you found the right fuse.

  6. We loved hiking around Charleston as well! So much to see and so much history!

  7. Beautiful pictures and interesting information. We too love Georgia.

    I think it strange that your map is missing just South Dakota?