Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Enjoying the Warm Weather in SW Florida…

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With our winter stay waning we have reflected on all the fun we have had here in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Going to the beach, we have been fighting a lot of traffic (and fought to find parking especially in February) yet we find all that frustration melts away once we set up our Sportbrella and break out our beach mat. Settling into our beach chairs listening to the mild surf and watching the birds fly over the bluish waters makes it all worth it…

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We probably haven’t been to the beach as much as we have in our past visits to southern Florida largely because Collier County in Florida no longer sells a Visitor's Beach Parking Pass. We always purchased the $50 pass and with parking at some of the more popular beaches here costing $8.00 per day it doesn’t take long for such a pass to pay for itself.

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Instead we now have to pay for parking or seek out those little “free parking” lots scattered about the coastline. We have been pretty lucky to score one of those free spots on most of our visits but when we don’t we usually end up at Lover’s Key where there is dirt parking lot which only charges $2.00 per person to enter on state parklands. Since we have no problem walking we secure a good spot then walk from there around the bend over to Lover’s Key State Park, a beautiful beach about 1/2 mile away. Thus we not only save $4.00 (which we can use later in the day for a frosty beverage) but we get in a good amount of exercise along one of the most scenic places to walk –the BEACH!!! We have had lots of dolphin sightings this year but every time we go we find beautiful shells and interesting things such as crabs or jellyfish washed ashore. It's always a great time.

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Other than just going to the beach, I have been playing a lot of cornhole and shuffleboard as those games are very popular in our park. Of course there are the occasional gatherings for happy hour and sometimes simple potlucks as well as visits to the Greyhound Track with friends. This park is also quite large so everyday we enjoy a long morning walk or bike ride around the park. We have also mapped out some good Happy Hour specials in nearby Naples and Estero for some outings a few nights per week.

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We have been focused this past week with the big chore of detailing the motorhome. Our technique was as follows… First I thoroughly detailed the roof by cleaning all the sap and debris off of it as well as under the solar panels and A/C vents. Surprisingly I noticed some lichens growing on the roof this year so I will have to read about how to treat them to kill them off. Next we washed the rig using dish soap and water to clean it, then rinsed it with fresh water and hand wiped it with microfiber cloths to get rid if any water drops. Lastly we used a Maguires Wax to get a high gloss finish. Indeed it was a lot of work but in the end our efforts were well worth it even though it took nearly a week to accomplish it all. It sure is great to see it all shiny and ready to go.

Our daughter Katie is surprising us with a visit our final weekend here so it will be fun to share our favorite activities with her before we start packing and preparing to leave beautiful SW Florida...

NOTE: We are in our winter home until March 1st in Bonita Springs Florida at Imperial Bonita Estates RV park and Coop.


  1. I think y'all had a wonderful winter. But John...take it easy on Sharon. She could break a nail doing all that waxing. Isn't that a boy job anyway? lol

    1. Never heard of a boy job... I am an equal opportunity employer

  2. Looks like you all have been doing what we've been doing!! Nothing better than sitting on the beach and just relaxing and watching the surf and birds fly by! Glad you've enjoyed your winter!! That rig is really shining!!

  3. We spent part of two winters there and the worse part of it was finding beach parking. Sounds like it is still difficult.

  4. Glad to see you are enjoying the warm Florida winter. We are getting tired of the heat here in Tampa and are hoping for a little cooler weather.

  5. Sounds like you've had an enjoyable winter. Dave has been the same detailing on our 5th wheel. Enjoy the rest of the time in FL and especially your daughter's visit.