Sunday, April 1, 2018

Betty’s Birthday Bash and Time to Say Goodbye…

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Yep, we are still having so much fun here at Betty’s in Abbeville. One of our favorite things to do while we are here is to eat some of the best Cajun food around and we started with what we think is the best poorboy in the entire country – Olde Tyme Grocery, a true Road Treat! They have the best Shrimp Poorboy imaginable! Chase it down with a cold beer brewed in Louisiana by Abita Brewing and one will have a truly excellent lunch!

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Another eating event was attended by 21 of the people who were staying at Betty’s as we took over the small Abshire’s Corner Store. This local store offers up some delicious Cajun Food and we pretty much overwhelmed the proprietors Leshea and George. It was great food but it was kind of funny as we discovered they only had 20 chairs but there were 21 of us. Even funnier was Leshea had to ask the first people she served to bring their plates back ASAP because she only had 19 plates and needed two more to serve all of us. What a fun event this turned our to be.

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The food is great in Acadiana but the culture and people of the region draw us back to the area annually. Abbeville can lay it’s claim to being one of the friendliest towns anywhere. Another thing we noticed is that Acadians have a way of escaping father time as people around here are off the charts when it comes to longevity. One of Betty’s aunts will turn 101 next week and she is such a lively person you would never guess her age. One of the local musicians, Joe, is in his 80’s and his mother is still alive in her 100’s. Yes, these folks sure know how to live…

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We also took some time to take a few hikes at the beautiful Palmetto Island State Park. It has a nice campground as well which if we didn’t stay at Betty’s we would certainly enjoy camping at. The trails are very nice and include a small pond where we saw a huge alligator. One of the highlights on the trail is a small boardwalk taking visitors into a swamp where the rare Red Iris grows. We were very lucky to see them on our last walk in the park.

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It’s not just food and people that beckon us back, it is the music too. Local jams at places like the Museum Café in Erath LA and the cool little bar called Touchet’s near Maurice LA are two of the best jams to attend. Local musicians from all around crank out some great Cajun Music and Swamp Pop. We really love the music in Acadiana…


As we are wrapping up our stay at Betty’s RV Park there was one final event scheduled which was Betty’s Birthday Party! Betty will be the first to say she really didn’t want anyone to do anything special for her birthday but Betty doesn’t always get her wish. We celebrated Betty’s birthday in typical Cajun fashion with a feast, music and a collection of friends and family. Happy Birthday Betty! We love you and can’t wait to come back!



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NOTE: We left Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville LA on April 1st and stop moved over to College Station, Texas for the month of April…


  1. So much fun there at Betty's , love the Saturday Jam at Touchet's and some amazing Cajun food in the area That restaurant reminds me of mine back in the 90's I had only 21 seats but a bench all the way along one wall, people would be shove over and keep coming in. I have run out of dishes and would buy a customer their meal to come in and help me out to wash up a few dishes for me.
    Happy Birthday to Betty as well, what an awesome lady.

  2. It was seeing you two. See ya down the road.

  3. What an incredible place!! I love your post telling all about Acadiana!! I mentioned that our son is moving to Baton Rouge (LSU) so we will be exploring Louisiana more now!! I think I would truly love the music!! Can’t wait!!

  4. We're making a high speed run to CA hoping to arrive before our granddaughter! We skirted Houston on 290 and saw the signs for College Park, and thought of you guys. Didn't realize till just now that you're back there visiting. Had our first experience with your Texas Blue Bonnets along the road in Chapel Hill. The fields were everything people have told us about them! Stay safe guys!