Saturday, April 6, 2019

An Epic Birthday Party!

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There are some things that happen at Betty’s RV Park which bring out the creativity of those staying there. Mardi Gras is a biggie but so is Betty’s Birthday. While Betty always asks that no one do anything special for her that simply isn’t going to ever happen. There is no park in America where the RVers love the park’s owner as much as they all do here in Abbeville. Betty is such a gem…

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This year the birthday plans were underway to construct a “MASH post” as I call it. This post would have arrows attached to it with information about people, where they are from and how far it is to their home. This was to be Betty’s surprise birthday gift from her RVers.

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Others were decorating and hanging tarps on the outside of Betty’s happy hour patio as a cold front was making an unexpected appearance at the appointed time for Betty’ party. With tarps up and the patio decorated all we needed was for the birthday time to arrive.

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Yes it was quite chilly although it was at least not raining as had been originally predicted. The band members arrived as people were gathering under the patio and the tarps along with a few heaters kept everyone inside warm.
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Betty’s aunts were present including her Aunt Lillian who will be 102 years old just a few days after Betty’s birthday (man they have good genes in Acadiana) Shortly after everyone got seated the crawfish arrived and were ready to be served to those who chose to indulge in such a Cajun delicacy.  Man were they good and Aunt Lillian, even at 102 could peel the crawfish faster than I could!

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Betty was also thoroughly enjoying her birthday dinner and after dinner the music started up. An unexpected appearance of Judy Bailey (a fabulous vocalist) was the icing on the cake as she even sang her song “Betty’s RV Park” as Joe, Dave and Kristy provided the music.

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People were dancing, chatting, laughing and chowing down on crawfish. Penny and Steve brought out some party hats and crazy glasses which added to the fun. The party lasted into the wee hours and everyone present had a a blast. Another Epic Birthday Party at Betty’s RV Park!

NOTE: We are at Betty’s RV park until April 16th before continuing on toward Texas…


  1. There is nothing like Betty’s!!! Looks like she had quite the celebration!!!

  2. WOW! - What fun. If/When we have the chance to stay at Betty's it will be 'my birthday'!

  3. You aren't going to want to leave or may have to crawl after all of the partying. Great looking crawdads.

  4. Another fantastic day at Betty's RV Park.

  5. Crawfish and a band - looks like an Louisiana party from here.