Thursday, December 12, 2019

Reminiscing in San Diego, CA…


We have stayed in San Diego many times over the past eight years and have for the most part always enjoyed excellent sunny and mostly warmer weather. That is not the case this year… Sigh!

Our first 7 to 10 days mostly lived up to our expectations but then a cold front out of Alaska came this far south and dumped snow on the mountains around San Diego and rain on our park. It has been much of the same off and on ever since that first front came through.


Mind you when daytime temperatures are mostly in the very low 60’s we’d still be ok but with the coastal breeze and moisture in the air near the coast it has felt colder than it is. Throw in the fact that it has also been cloudy most days and has rained a whole lot. In fact, I read that San Diego had more rainfall than Seattle Washington did in the month of November!


It has us discussing the likelihood of us ever returning to San Diego. Not only is the weather cooler than normal but the since we were last here the price for our stay has gone up about 35%. Gas prices are around the $4.00 per gallon mark, craft beer pints are $7 to $10 for a pint unless we search to find more affordable happy hour pricing and groceries in general are higher too

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Another disappointment is the appearance of our RV park.  Three years ago we knew that the City would be relinquishing the park to the neighboring Camp Land RV park.  Little did we know that during the changeover which finally occurred while we have been here, the city would quit watering the grass and keeping up the landscaping.

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The facilities are locked up and broken down. Even the little snack bar is gone. Our walk around the park and the bay is not as appealing because in the three years we have been gone, the empty park model homes have not been removed so they have been vandalized and it’s just depressing to see.

That being said, when there are nice days we are able to fully enjoy those days. We have ridden our bikes all along the bay as well as over to the nearby stores of Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and Vons for our grocery shopping. We have also ridden over to Ocean Beach or Mission Beach to ride along the boardwalk to enjoy the sounds and sights of the Pacific Ocean surf. And where else can we buy an almond based delectable dip called bitchin sauce???


Thankfully we have found a few nice happy hours in the area such as at a new Coronado Brewing location by our park, Rock Bottom when we are in La Jolla, OB Noodle House at Ocean Beach and the Draft House in Mission Beach. Coinciding happy hour with the time for the sun to set over the ocean has made the Draft House one of our very favorite places to be for happy hours!

While we do still love a lot about San Diego we both have come to the realization that it is in all likelihood our last time to be in this part of Southern California…

NOTE: We are currently in San Diego CA until Dec. 28th before spending the most of the rest of the winter in Arizona…


  1. I hate hearing you may be taking San Diego off your travel stops. For sure the weather did not cooperate! The Mission Bay RV Park is more of a blight then a destination. There too many delays and lawsuits to get excited about the revitalization projects for the area.

  2. I am sad about it because it once was really nice....It sure was great seeing you guys though!❤️

    1. Fran and I certainly enjoyed our short visit - Fran talks of hooking up again before you leave. We've been under continuous occupation, with 20 gathering here just before Christmas.
      If you have an afternoon open after Christmas for a Happy Hour I'll bring shrimp and a bottle of wine!

    2. Jeff we leave on Dec 28th, the Saturday after Christmas.

  3. California dreamin' on such a winter's day
    All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
    I've been for a walk on a winter's day
    I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A

    The Beach Boys had it right a long time ago. As much fun as SD and environs are, I’d never want to live there. Plus, you got spoiled with two consecutive winters here in FL. Enjoy as much as you can the last two weeks in SD. Merry Christmas🌲

    1. My brain is dead. Of course that was from the Mamas and Papas. What time zone am I in this week?

    2. Yes we will most likely be back in Florida next winter.

  4. And that dear friends is why we don't spend much time in our hometown anymore. Weather is a changin' everywhere. Who knows where the next great winter spots will be. If you found fuel at $4 it must have gone down since we were there in Oct.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Mission Bay RV Park. We've spent many happy times there also. Can't say we haven't expected it, but I was hoping things would move in a good direction. I'd love to see some pictures to illustrate how the park itself has declined.

    1. Plans for renovations here are grandiose but it will take a much longer time to get them done than initially planed. In the meantime the park models are deteriorating more rapidly...

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