Monday, January 6, 2020

Winter Birds of Mission Bay, California…

Juvenile Sharp Shinned Hawk

As I mentioned years ago in a blog one of the great reasons I love staying at Mission Bay RV Resort is the fact that it is a great spot for watching birds.The trail along Mission Bay provides great opportunities to see an abundance of shore and bay birds right in the middle of San Diego. The pictures below are of some of the bird species I spotted during our stay this year.


                  Male American Widgeon                     Male/Female American Widgeon


                       Brandt                                                      Marbled Godwit


                Female Bufflehead Duck                              Male Bufflehead Duck    


               Spotted Sandpiper                                                  Willet                


               Male Redhead Duck                                     Female Redhead Duck


               Female Greater Scaup                                    Male Scaup


                     Horned Grebe                                              Pied Billed Grebe


              Little Blue Heron                                                   Western Grebe


                         Says Phoebe                                              Black Phoebe

We saw many other birds here as well and again all of these photos were taken with my 3 year old Nikon Coolpix S9700. This small compact camera packs a great optical zoom of 30X which is powerful enough to zoom in on birds far away yet small enough to tuck in my pocket. I love this camera but have my eye on the newer Nikon Coolpix 500 camera with a 40X more powerful zooms. Even better is that it is on sale at Amazon right now…. tempting me greatly!


No Surf Scoters, Whimbrel, Black Bellied Plover or Long Billed Curlew this year and only a few Ruddy Ducks, There was one oddity that came through the park one day. We heard a loud noise which I was sure had to be some sort of Parrot. Scanning the tree tops I finally spotted it and it turned out to be an African Grey Parrot. I am sure it was somebody’s pet that had escaped but it was fun seeing it none the less.

NOTE: We are currently in El Centro CA until Jan. 8th before moving over to Arizona.

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  1. SWEET! You have a good eye and a steady hand, nice pictures and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I _might_ recognize a mallard ...