Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Installing A New Kitchen Faucet…

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This resort life in Arizona has been tough! Between happy hours, dips in the pool, playing pickleball and good soaks in the hot tub it’s hard to find time for much of anything else. However, since we do live in our RV sometimes there are things to fix and sometimes there are items needing upgrading.

The upgrade this time around was to replace our kitchen faucet.  I am the type of guy who hates to replace something which works perfectly well such our our old kitchen faucet. Sharon, on the other hand has no problem with such triviality. Thus, we have a new Peerless faucet to put into our kitchen sink.

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The nice thing about replacing the faucet is that any residential faucet will work in the RV but anyone who does plumbing knows it isn’t a fun task. Add in the fact that there is hardly any space in an RV to do any type of work I fully expected this to be a not-so-fun job. My first task was to turn the water off to get ready to remove the sink.

You may wonder why I decided to remove the sink. Well there are two reasons. One is that the caulk seal around the sink was is a bit dicey. There were a few spots which let water through to drip below the sink. Also with the sink out of the cabinet it would be relatively easy to install the new faucet.

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Once I turned off the water I opened the faucets to let out all of the remaining water and water pressure.. Then I used a sharp knife to cut along the top of the sink between the sink and the countertop thus cutting through the old caulk. Next I had to remove everything from the cabinet beneath the sink to gain access to the brackets holding the sink to the countertop.

To get to some of the screws I had to remove all of the kitchen drawers in the adjacent cabinet. With all screws removed I took out the brackets holding the sink up. Then I unscrewed the PVC retaining ring just above the sink trap to free it from the pipes below and then unscrewed the hot and cold water pipes from the faucet.. Then the sink was lifted out (with a lot of wiggling around) to be cleaned up.


I then unscrewed the clamp under the sink that held the faucet in place. Next I unscrewed the retaining ring and the faucet was freed from the sink. With the old faucet removed I then removed all the caulk from the sink and the countertop with a plastic caulk scraper. Tedious but necessary and afterward I cleaned all the surfaces with rubbing alcohol.

Now I was ready to install our new faucet. Tightening up all the screws after installing the retaining ring and the faucet was on the sink. After a lot of jiggling I finally got the sink back in the countertop. The sink sat a few inches lower than the countertop allowing me to put a line of 100% waterproof caulk around the lip of the countertop hole.

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Now to get the sink to adhere to the countertop I inserted two 2 foot wood clamps through the sink drain by taking them apart and inserting one end through the drain. I put the clamps back together and after laying a 2x3 across the top of the sink I was able to ratchet the wood clamps up to tighten them against the 2x3 thus pulling the sink upward. This secured the sink to the underside of the countertop and then I simply cleaned up the excess caulk wetting my finger to wipe up the excess and wiped it on a paper towel.


I let the sink sit 24 hours to ensure the caulk had dried them reattached the sink brackets from below (they probably aren’t really needed but I put them back in anyhow). With the sink secured I took off the wood clamps and reinstalled the hot and cold water pipes using some Teflon Tape. Lastly I attached the drain pipes by tightening the retaining rings.

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I ran the water to test for leaks and viola! We have a new faucet installed… now back to the hot tub to soak my body from all the contortions I had to do to get this thing installed…

NOTE: We are currently in Mesa Arizona until March 11th 2020, then over to Tucson for a few days.


  1. The new sink looks great!!! Great job!!

    1. Thanks! I have to admit I like it better too

  2. A well documented project, i'd not have thought of using clamps as 'handles' on the sink. In the selfie you look pooped, but Sharon is thrilled with the new faucet!

  3. LOL! Such a simple job in a house where we have all kinds of room to work, not so easy in the confined area of a motorhome kitchen. I spent a couple of fruitless hours trying to remove the old leaky faucet before finally calling my plumber to complete the job. He was much smaller than me and could at least get in under the sink to work but it still took him much longer to get the new one installed than he thought it should have. he gave me a real break by only charging me the minimum charge instead of for the much longer time it took him. We were both sporting some bleeding knuckles when it was done.

  4. I would LOVE to have a new kitchen faucet. I actually need one but that's WAY too big a job for me and would cost me the kitchen sink to get it done sadly. Missing my handyman a lot. Lucky Sharon. Really well done.