Sunday, February 16, 2020

Mayo Appointment and a Nice Hike…


We are still enjoying our resort stay at Mesa Regal here in Mesa Arizona. We can’t believe we have already been here a month so upon that realization we have begun making plans to head back east once we leave in March. We decided our first stop will be Tucson and we will make our way to Texas as we love to be there in the springtime for the wildflowers.  We know after leaving Arizona there aren’t many resorts as nice as this so we are going to make it our goal to really savor the many amenities offered here this next month.

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While here we also made our appointment for our annual checkups to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale AZ.  We would wake really early and have a full day of visits but what we like best is EVERYTHING can be done in one day. My appointments were over early in the morning but Sharon had more appointments in the afternoon.

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Since we had a few hours of time in between we headed back over to the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy.  We pulled into the visitors parking lot we where we had no problem finding a parking spot. We figured we had time to hike the 1/2 mile nature trail we didn’t do the last time we were here.

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Since we had plenty of time we strolled slowly along the well marked trail to listen to the birds singing and to really enjoy each small plant we would normally pass by without noticing. The desert was in bloom even though most of the flowers were very small.

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There were also informative plaques along the trail providing some historical and nature insight. Certainly we were glad we had time to return to the conservancy for this easy and very short hike. It was a nice break in our day of appointments. Thankfully we received all good news at the Mayo Clinic so we are good to go for another year! We celebrated at O.H.S.O. Brewery in Gilbert and now I can go full steam ahead in making travel plans for the rest of the year!

Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

NOTE: We are currently in Mesa Arizona until March 11th 2020, then over to Tucson for a few days.


  1. Glad you're enjoying your visit and getting caught up on medical stuff. I'm finally starting to feel better. This cold was a nasty one. Hopefully we can connect before you head out of town. - Ingrid

    1. Yes that would be great, hopefully it will work out! Several people in our park have had very long extended colds too.

    2. Ingrid, Karen and I had those colds as well about a month ago. Glad you made it through it. We moved out of the pine forests in Eastern Texas and her condition improved and finally cleared up. She used a Telemed service for the first time rather than going to her new doctor who was just miles away at the time. Nice thing about being older is we usually can figure out the best treatment and tell the doctor what works!

  2. Congrats on your Mayo results. Nice to be able to go to whichever one you are nearer. I'm wondering why you aren't staying out west for the spring and even the fall.

    1. Ah we have to go see the grand kids in Texas in the spring. One thing we have always done is travel back through Texas in the springtime, the very best time to visit Texas!

  3. Good to hear all went well at your med appointments. Read about your visit with friends over at the Wandering Camels blog.

    We are in Rockport Texas area. Really loving this area and for the first time we are in a commercial park Karen really likes. She now wants to do a State Park/Corp. of Engineer park or similar then move to a commercial and alternate back out to the wilderness. It's been just six months of fulltiming but we are starting to feel like we can figure this out. These commercial parks are a nice place to get maintenance/laundry or whatever done.

    Still feeling our way around between destination locations as to how we select those two night stays. I'm figuring learning the Casino locations would be nice to try for short stays while in transit, having read about those and the way you guys use them.

    Heading from south Texas to Goliad, TX area then through Houston towards Mississippi in the next few weeks.

    Keep safe and healthy.


  4. Whoot Whoot !!! great news on the annual checkups!
    Safe travels as you move on.

  5. Congratulations on your good report and full steam ahead on your travel plans!! We are hopeful we will be in that category soon!

  6. Great news about the medical reports.