Thursday, February 27, 2020

Minor Repairs and Having Fun, Mesa AZ…

One thing we love about our longer winter stays in these larger “snowbird” parks is the opportunity to fix a lot of the little things that have piled up. Being in a larger city a longer time time allows us to receive items in the mail easier or allows us to go to stores necessary to find replacement items and/or necessary parts for repairs. Another thing these snowbird parks offer besides more amenities is opportunities for  social interactions.


We have been doing a little of all these things. Some of the items needing repairs have been done so we checked them off the list. My first task was to repair the annoying light in our Norcold 1210 refrigerator. What was happening was that the light would only work intermittently.


After removing the light cover by squeezing and pulling on it I finally was able to get this stubborn cover off. Doing so exposed the “fuse like” light bulb that squeezes into the metal contacts. After jiggling it to see if it was getting contact one of the metal pieces broke off revealing my problem. The broken piece of metal was not getting enough contact to make the light work all the time.


Consulting the tech manual for our refrigerator I was able to find the part on Amazon and ordered it. When it arrived all there was to installing it was to unclip the wires and take out two screws. Attaching the new was simply the same in reverse. Once installed I put in the bulb and now the light works as it is supposed to.


Another task was installing our new kitchen faucet but I discussed that installation in an earlier blog. I also discussed in a past blog about our blind replacement. Well one of them wasn't working right but thankfully Select Blinds has a three year warranty on them so I have a new one coming soon.


While chatting with the blinds sales rep I discovered they now had a blind that would fit our 16 inch wide bedroom windows. Both of which I couldn’t replace before as they didn’t carry blinds that small. Since our initial blind replacement project those two have been broken for some time so I ordered replacement blinds and installed them in our bedroom windows. We love our new blinds!

IMG_20200218_132300Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

As I mentioned in the first paragraph we have been socializing a lot here as well and have made several new friends. With live music being played at one of the pools every day we have been enjoying the afternoons listening to music and Sharon has been getting in her fair share of dancing.

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Another fun thing that occurs at larger snowbird parks are block parties and we have participated in a few of those, Mostly these parties are celebrating birthdays and the entire street is blocked off to make room for a band. Our favorite one so far was one where a really nice Cajun fellow who was turning 90 had a party his daughter and son in law threw for him complete with a Cajun band and some excellent catered Cajun food. It sure was nice hearing some Cajun music and eating some of our favorite Cajun dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice…

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Despite all the amenities here in Mesa, I am feeling the itch to move on and have begun making our travel plans for the year.  Just two more weeks and we will be on the road again!

NOTE: We are currently in Mesa Arizona until March 11th 2020, then over to Tucson for four nights.


  1. A Cajun themed block party ... Just in time for Carnival!

  2. It won’t be long and you’ll be “on the road again.” Glad you were able to get things fixed up and still find time for fun!!!!

  3. So true about longer stays having benefits. Took advantage of the concrete pad where we are to do all the under rig maintenance. Still living with a small list of stuff to fix but will get around to it when I have nothing better to do or we arrive at the factory service center in late April.

    Karen and I are loving our time in Texas!

  4. RVing life is all about adjusting to new places and new people. Being the part of the ever-growing friends list and joining their celebrations is indeed an enchanting experience. Look at those happy smiles and may God bless them with all the happiness. Good to know that you did the minor fixes that was long pending. So that was a worthwhile break after all!