Monday, March 23, 2020

Hiking Sonora National Monument, Tucson, AZ


Our time had come to make tracks toward Texas but we had one more short stop of four days we wanted to do before beating feet. We made a short 3 hour drive to the southwest and pulled into Voyager RV Resort just SW of Tucson, AZ where we figured we could plan a few hikes here before things got worse with the Coronavirus


We set up and enjoyed a short walk around the park. The amenities at Voyager are almost as nice as those we had at Mesa Regal RV Resort in Mesa AZ. We checked out the facilities, the pool, the hot tub, the sports courts and knew we would enjoy our stay.


The next day we drove over to the Saguaro National Monument where I had found a nice little loop hike to enjoy the Mojave Desert one more time. The hike was a bit more than 3 miles taking us on a nice loop filled with Saguaro, Cholla and other bountiful desert species.


Flowers were a little behind those in Mesa AZ as we are higher in Tucson but there were still plenty of buds. There were also some glowers blooming which did add some color to the palate of greens and browns found in the desert at this time of year.


After the hike we went to a local burger bar called Zinburger which boasts a great 50% off tall crafts making them only $3.50 each. We were now more aware of the Coronavirus and had decided that this would likely be our last cold beer out for a good while. We also made sure to sit well away from others at a small table for two rather than sit at the bar as we normally prefer. The cold Dragoon IPA helped us forget for a moment about all the worries the world has been enduring…


NOTE: We are currently in sheltering in place at Canyon Lake, Texas until the end of the month and then we move over to College Station, TX to hunker down for an extended stay…. 


  1. I always like the blooming cactus. I hope the wild flowers are showing themselves this spring.

    1. Starting to see some bluebonnets here in central Texas...

  2. I remember our last dinner out in Page, now we're hunkered down on the TX Gulf Coast. Not sure when the resort will open to renters again. Some are still here till the end of their stays. Thought of you guys as we drove by Canyon Lake today. Stay safe...

    1. Don't know how long we get to stay here but we will see...

  3. Nice to see the desert blooms.
    Safe Traels!

  4. The desert in the spring is so pretty and I love the blooming cactus!! We are beginning to see green on the trees now and the blooms are gorgeous. With all that beauty comes the pollen!!
    You guys stay safe and be well!!