Sunday, April 19, 2020

Groundhog Day and Another Drive…

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It hard to believe we have been at Canyon Lake for a month already during this pandemic. It certainly reminds of the movie Groundhog Day as each day is seemingly a blur and mostly repetitive of the day before. We find ourselves checking our smart phones to verify what day of the week it is.

Though it appears the mitigation factors we Americans have undertaken appears to be having a remarkable impact on the spread of this disease we still have a way to go before we have this under control anywhere. In the meantime we will continue to do our part to social distance and help prevent the spread of this nasty virus.


Every now and then to break the monotony we need to make a grocery run to pick up groceries for the week. As such we turn this mundane act into a country drive. Given we are in the Texas Hill Country in spring, there are still an abundance of wildflowers to see. My favorite color of the spring is the “fresh green” we see in the new growth of the trees and shrubs.


It is magnificent how bright green new leaves are when they first grown. Over time in the harsh sunlight they darken and take on a more weathered look. However in spring everything is so vibrant and fresh which makes these spring drives not only very enjoyable but soothing to our souls being the hermits we have now become.

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Pictures in todays blog are from one of those drives and the header picture is another of one our Groundhog Day pastimes of watching the hummingbirds gorge themselves at the hummingbird feeder affixed to our window. We are certainly glad we bought a window mounted feeder from Amazon.  We, like you I am sure, are anxiously watching and waiting for an end to this horrible plague….

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NOTE: We are currently sheltering in place at Canyon Lake, Texas…


  1. I like your hummer feeder, it's always a surprise how the little fellas find it. Despite the wild nectar a reliable source is a welcome find. You're right it is another Groundhog Day!
    Stay Safe!

  2. I filled my hummingbird feeder here in north Alabama last week. What a surprise, it took all of about 5 minutes for one to find it.

    1. Yes, we were visited ASAP when we put ours out as well...

  3. The wildflowers look great. My allergies are getting to me too.

  4. Nice area to be in while practicing Social Distancing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the isolation.

    It's about time.