Sunday, July 11, 2010

WiFi on the road for us… one solution…

Well one of my concerns on the road is going to be access to the internet… I must have access to the internet as it is a source of information and much entertainment for me. So there is a good possibility that we will be getting our internet via satellite to our rig and yes, I know, it is not cheap.  Something like the Motosat image below along with a value added reseller like DirectTV or Dish will likely be our internet solution. But that is only part of the solution as my darling bride 400_G74_Deployedwill also want to be able to get on the internet at the same time I am on…

Now I have read and researched a lot on this subject and most seem to want to go out and purchase the equivalent of a wireless router that broadcasts an inbound connection wirelessly to others able to pick up the signal. But I wanted a software solution if one existed and I have found one and even better it is FREE… that is right, it is free if you have windows 7 (I have not tested on other OS’s such as XP but the claims are it works).

So let me introduce you to a piece of software called Connectify.  I had read about it and downloaded the most recent version of it -  Connectify Well it was simple enough to install and the wizard for setting up a hotspot was a snap… but it didn’t work… I tried everything and then I found their blogconnectify It suggested the best thing to do was to use an older version (also free) version 1.2 and it would work better because the newer version was a bit buggy for now (they hope to fix it soon)… So, I downloaded the new version and followed the steps of the wizard,clicked on share the internet connection and created a hotspot named hey-me, and then started the hotspot.  Next I got on  my daughters laptop and in the wireless networks I saw hey-me and connected to it… viola instant wireless internet connectivity… and just as fast as my inbound connection. So there you go everybody go to their site and download version 1.2 and you will have a wireless connection without any of the equipment hassles…



  1. Very cool! Thanks for that! We like to use our Hawking antenna for wi-fi internet when we can, and now Ruth will be able to get online at the same time as me.

  2. I NEED internet when we RV. It's the only thing that keeps me from going nuts! Jonathan has us hooked up with cell phones and amplifiers. It won't work everywhere we go though. I'm dreading the day that happens.


  3. We have been using the Verizon aircard, cradlepoint 500 and an amplifer. We also have the Wilson antennae. So far we have not had any problems and it works very well for us. We are both able to use our laptops (wifi). We had Motosat on our first motorhome and just didn't want to go to that great expense this time around.
    Good luck with all your internet hookups. That is all so over my head. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)