Monday, July 26, 2010

So what is next?

My son and his wife and grandson are here visiting and sleeping in  after he got to attend his ten year high school reunion (the granddaughter didn't visit on this trip). As I sit here today watching the end of the Tour de France I am waiting for everyone to wake up so I can whip up some breakfast.  But mostly I am wondering about what lies ahead… 

gkids As I have mentioned before my retirement day and day of the beginning of our full time adventure is March 2, 2011 but could be a month earlier if all goes well. So that means that we could be pulling out of here as soon as six and half months from now… not much time left for all that still remains to be accomplished.

So where are we now? We have gotten rid of lots of stuff… mostly smaller items but have also begun to rid our lives of larger items such as out piano, canoe and some smaller antiques.  The house has been on the market for 9 days and we have had a few showings but no bites… On the employment front I have moved most of my departments IT network under another department as I plan for my imminent departure so the work load will lighten up considerably in the coming month.

So what is next? We are going to have to become more focused on finding an RV, more focused on determining which toad we want, more focused on which apartment we will live in if the house sells sooner than hoped for, continue to find stuff to get rid of, plan for the transfer of collectibles to the kids… alas… there is still so much to do in not so much time…

what to do next…


  1. Start making more lists!

    Thats what I'm doing ... It's scary but fun at the same time isn't it!

  2. We were recently in your shoes. Our best advice is to take it one day at a time. Make lots of lists and enjoy each day. After all its the journey, not the destination.

  3. When you stop and think about can become quite overwhelming. That is why you need to take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. Make a "to do" list and follow it.
    The most important thing is the advice of John and Carol....enjoy each day!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. We are feeling the same way. We are doing a little each day so that we can put our house on the market in the spring. You will get it all done and will soon be living the next chapter of your life as a fulltimer.

    Stay Safe

  5. The key is not to think about it :) That's when panic sets in! LOL!

  6. really do appreciate all the support... there will come a day when we all we meet and laugh about this...........

  7. Just found your blog. Thanks for all the information you have passed along. I know all about the traveling softball world. Our daughter went to Auburn. If you need pointers about campgrounds in Florida let us know.

    Ann and Louie
    Soon to be fulltimers in 2015

  8. ahhh... another softball parent... my girl has one year left and we hope to watch most of the games her last year... pointers in florida would be good - email me your address at