Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trash day makes me smile…

What is it about trash day that makes me happy?  It falls on a Thursday which isn’t even a special day… but every Thursday at around 8:00 am I can hear the trash truck making the bend on the road behind me and for some reason it makes me smile…  Why?

042307_suburban_home You see for the last 6-7 months trash day has been one of my favorite days. Each weekend I would troll around the house searching for items that were unworthy of donating to the goodwill, salvation army or any other charity.  Once an unworthy item was discovered it made its way to the city garbage can. This happened until the trash can was nearly full.  Then Thursday would come along so on Thursday mornings after I had my coffee I would go out front and peak inside the trashcan to see if it was full… if not I would search for items to fill it with…

So why does trash day make me happy?  Well after performing my trash ritual for the last 6-7 months we have ridded ourselves of so much trash and of many worthless items that our attic is practically empty and our garage is de-cluttered… likewise if you look in our closets and any drawer in the house they are fairly empty and organized…

So now it is almost impossible for me to fill the trash can on Thursday mornings… So why am I still happy on Thursdays?  Because it is apparent that we have now cleared out nearly all the trash in our lives that we had accrued in this home over the last 16 years… and that means we are getting very close to reaching our goal of leaving our house, retiring, and moving on to our dreams…

which makes us both happy… enjoy your day!


  1. Why do we always wait until we move to do this task! How come we as a society don't make a habit of doing this every week of our life? I boggles my mind, but we were the same way. We end up with so much clutter and stuff that is so useless yet we keep it until we have to move.

    Glad you are ready for the sale or your home and no more clutter and stuff to put in the trash!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Good job! Now all you have to do is find a motor home and sell the house!

  3. We know the feeling! It is a great feeling to rid yourself of STUFF you don't use or need.

    Hope your house sales real soon

  4. Craig thinks I'm bad because I love to toss stuff! My collections of junk are getting smaller every week. I know how you feel.

  5. I used to love trash day too...when I was living in my sticks and bricks. That was the day I baked cookies! Trash out, trash right back in :)


  6. WoooHooo!!! Good for you all. Less trash means you are purging. It is all coming together. I always loved to see a room empty up. Keep at it.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. Just came over from WK forum...we plan on getting on the road 2011 cans are still being filled!!