Saturday, August 6, 2011

Every Little Leaguers Dream!!!

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA Little League Field

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA the mighty CaseyWhat is every little leaguers dream? To play baseball or softball in the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania. When I was a small boy I played Little League baseball. Our daughter played 2011-08-05 Williamsport PA Little League scoreboardin Little League base-ball with the boys and later played Little League softball with the girls. We both played our sport with passion and wanted to win district, regionals, and state. Why? We wanted to play on the big stage at the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 6Since we are about 30 miles south of the town of Williamsport we made the daytrip over to see the place that eluded both mine and my daughter’s teams. Now my daughter got closer to Williamsport than I did as her team won the Texas State championship when she was ten years old. However, at that time 10 year olds couldn’t advance past the state championship.

Williamsport claims to be the birthplace of little league and the Carl E. Stoltz field was founded in 1939 where it was first played. All of the facilities are very impressive considering that they aren’t affiliated with a college or of a heavily sponsored team. The first building you might see is the Administration building which is right next door to the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum. The museum portrays the history of little league from its beginnings to the current time where now both baseball and softball are played around the world.

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 1       2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 2

The 2011 Series will begin August 16th and once again feature 16 teams from around the world. The excitement and energy of all the youth that played here can be felt by simply walking on the field and looking over to the statue of mighty Casey standing by the enormous score board. And something that I didn’t know was that admission to all Little League Baseball and Softball World Series games is free.

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 4  2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 5

Williamsport also is home to many people of wealth and their million dollar restored homes along fourth street. These homes and their varied architectural styles are worth a visit here as well. Many of todays photos are from the homes along fourth street.

2011-08-05 bullfrog bar and grillThey also have a small brew pub on fourth street called Bullfrog Brewery. This is more of an upscale microbrewery but does sport some nice brews. Sharon opted for the Billtown Blonde a lightly colored ale with a smooth clean and crisp flavor at about 5.5% alcohol. My favorite was the Edgar IPA this is a hoppy and lively beer with just a hint of bitterness (8% alcohol). The beer went really well with a Rueben sandwich we ordered to split while enjoying the beverages. After all it was International Beer Day on August 5th 2011. A Worldwide Celebration of Beer annually at local pubs, bars and breweries all over the world.

It is suppose to rain most of the day today and then tomorrow we have a short travel day of less than 100 miles. We are headed to the area known for its wilderness in northern Pennsylvania where we will meet our first blogger – that should be fun…

2011-08-05 Williamsport PA home 3


  1. My son played Little League baseball, too. He was a pretty good athlete, and on a good team that always went beyond the regular season. Honestly, we were just happy when they finally lost. It can be a looong summer when they keep winning. But I'm sure he didn't feel that way.

    I'm not much of a beer drinker, I don't like the bubbles, but I do like a good stout. Any dark beer. They have so much flavor.

    Love the photos of the beautiful old homes. :)

  2. Cool houses and I love going to local brew pubs.

  3. You're almost neighbors! We're about 100 miles from Williamsport here in NJ. The park is a beauty!

  4. What great looking houses there in Williamsport. We left that area just yesterday. We were at Ives Run, a COE park up near Tioga, Pa.

    Also meeting fellow bloggers tomorrow. We are going to a brew pub in Albany, NY.

    I am sure you will enjoy meeting new folks, we always do.

  5. The Little League World Series is such a big thing around here. It's a must see for anyone who can. You are lucky to be in this part of PA. Enjoy Tioga, we love that area, and want to take our RV there next year once we are full time.

  6. Got your comment on my blog - this park is okay. Sites are big enough. Looks to be a nice pool. Rates okay when using Passport America. Most of the sites look to be filled with seasonals. Even looks like some could possibly live here all year. Not sure about that. But all sites are well taken care of. No trash around. Cute little store. We are in site 60 right next to pool. Closest to showers. On down side- very poor lighting in bathhouses and slippery, muddy floor. Wear bath shoes. We are here until the 12th. Let us know if you get here before then.

  7. Those million dollar houses are gorgeous! Our girls played softball and went to Nationals in North Caroline. What great memories.

  8. Wow..I love those houses...Looks like a wonderful place to visit.