Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As far north as we will go this summer… Maine

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 006

We made it to Maine!!! Even hurricanes and flooding couldn’t keep us away… as here we are in Camden, Maine. We are staying at Camden Hills State Park which is just outside of the city of Camden. Camden is considered to be one of the top three vacation spots in Maine The other two are Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor.

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 011

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 031

The drive from New Hampshire to Maine went smoothly and we saw very little damage caused by Irene however, there was some flooding and the rivers in the area were raging. This area was spared any major damage as Irene tracked further west of this area than expected.

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 012Our last day in New Hampshire was very windy as Irene tracked just east of us and wasn’t out of the state until nearly noon. We didn’t do much this day except take a small walk along the Appalachian Trail which is a trail I wanted to sorely do back in my backpacking days.

Many of our comments from yesterdays blog suggested that we should have headed more inland to get away from Irene and next time we probably will. However, it is good we didn’t this time as two of the towns we visited in Vermont were completely flooded in the downtown areas. Vermont is a over a hundred miles further inland from where we were but it was not spared the devastation by flooding that Irene caused. So we were lucky that we stayed put in this case.

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 030Once we got to Camden Hills State Park we checked with the main office to see if we could extend our stay to include this labor day weekend since we had heard they had some non-reservable sites for first come first served. Arriving around noon we got lucky and they had one that we will stay at until the 5th or 6th of September. We checked into our site and then made the short drive up to Mount Battie that is located inside this park.

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 001What an absolutely fantastic 360 degree view you get from the top of this mountain on the Maine coastline. This is a must see spot if you are ever near this area and one you will never forget. We could have stayed up there for hours, and we did…

2011-08-30 Mount Battie Maine 026


  1. Will you indulge in some Maine lobster? I sure would. :)

  2. Love the coastline of Maine, it is very beautiful and we do love their lobster!

  3. I just love Maine. We can't wait to be able to take one of our trips up there. Nice pictures!

  4. Glad you made it into Maine. Looks beautiful!

  5. This looks like a great place to be. It's on my list for sure for next summer. I think you must have just had an intuition about where to be to avoid Irene. So glad to worked out for you.

  6. Looks great. You can never tell where a hurricane will go. During Hurricane Charlie, Tampa folks evacuated to Orlando and ended up in the teeth of the storm. Tampa barely got a rain shower. You just never know.

  7. Maine is a beautiful state and your pics reinforce that statement!! Just beautiful!!
    You guys enjoy your stay in Maine and definitely have some Maine lobster!! :-)

  8. We have never stayed in Camden with our Homey on wheels. Must do that looks beautiful ..especially the views from the mountain.

  9. I realize I am commenting on a 4-year old post, but we are in Camden right now! I was googling some stuff about the area and your blog popped up. How funny! I think we might actually be staying in the exact site than you were in. And I just looked at some of your other old posts and we also stayed at the Ives Run COE also on our way to NY. And next we are headed to Acadia. Hope you're enjoying your time in Louisiana!