Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chilling at Camp K on Sacandaga Lake…

View from Camp K deck

When we arrived close to my friends camp (Camp K) we parked at the Walmart in Amsterdam, NY. The camp was about 9 miles north of the Walmart and I was hoping that we would be able to get our RV down the dirt road his camp was on. Having been there before I was concerned about whether or not we would be able to get parked behind his camp.

2011-08-16 Camp K in New York 0082011-08-16 Camp K in New York 010

My three biggest worries were:

  1. branches on the main road
  2. a low spot I remembered from being at the camp before
  3. the actual turn into his camp

We unhitched the car so we could drive our CRV over to Camp K and after the short drive we got to the dirt road that I was most worried about. We drove down the road and started looking at the road as if we were driving our RV down it. There were lots of low branches but there was a path down the middle of the road without hitting most of the branches. Branches out of the way – Check! Then came the turn where the low spot was and it was in great shape so low spot – Check! Lastly was the turn into his camp. It was pretty tight and there were several large branches in the way and even if we got through the turn the lot behind Camp K had no decent level spot to park… Rats!!! No way this would work.

View from Camp K shoreline

So we stop by for a visit with my friend and he suggests we park at a small lot just down the road from his camp and store the RV there and just stay at his camp. We decide that this might work but as we drove back to get the RV we stopped by the visitor’s center we passed on the way to his camp to look for ideas for a plan B in case we are not welcomed on the lot. As it turns out the slh With Chuck at the overlook to Great Sacandaga Lake NYlady at the visitor’s center suggested a few campsites nearby and when I asked if she knew about any RV storage areas she said if we wanted to we could just park the RV behind the visitor’s center and she would watch it while she was working 8-5. Further she stated the area was very safe for leaving it there. With plan “B” and “C” solved we drove the motorhome to my friends and parked it in the lot with a note on the windshield that if we needed to move it call me…

We have been here for a few nights now and the RV is just a short walk away from the camp which is convenient. It rained all day here at Camp K the other day and it was really nice not being cooped up in the RV in an all day rain storm. Much better watching it rain from the camp perched upon the hillside overlooking the Great Sacandaga Lake. More friends arrived last night so it will be fun reminiscing about the past with many familiar faces…


  1. have a great time..hope the rain stops soon!!!

  2. Tree branches can be evil! Glad you didn't get scratched!

  3. The last two blogs have some beautiful shots. You two were really smart to drive and check the road out. We have done that several times. Better safe than sorry! Glad it all worked out. NOW if the weather will cooperate you are all set! Enjoy the ride!

  4. Hope the weather clears so you can enjoy that beautiful lake. Yup, better to check out the road first!!

  5. Its so nice to reminisce with old friends, and enjoy their company. Have fun.

  6. Wonderful that you are meeting and meeting up with so many friends. Excellent job of planning and checking things out to make them work!