Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye friends… Hello Vermont!!!

slh 378

Our last few days at Camp K were spent visiting with our friends from Texas who had come up for the week. A drive through the mountains of the Adirondack Park and a drive around the Great Sacandaga lake were on the agenda the last few days. We also drove over to Lake George which is a stark contrast from the Great Sacandaga lake. Lake George has all the hustle and bustle of a very active town whose livelihood is based upon tourism whereas the Great Sacandaga lake is a sleepy and very quiet lake retreat for those wanting to get away form the hustle and bustle on the weekends.

Yesterday I played golf for the first time in nearly a year with my friends and was rusty at first but on the back nine I actually made a birdie and several pars. I used to play a lot of golf when I was in graduate school but that was many years ago. I attribute my golfing success yesterday to forgetting all my bad golfing habits. It was a fun and enjoyable day.


Today we head further east and bid farewell to my friends at Camp K. We will make a short drive but it will be mostly on two lane roads meandering through the mountains. We plan to make it to Hidden Acres Camping Resort another Passport America Park for a few days before heading further east with our final destination of this northerly trek to Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor. Just a few more weekends before are the kids go back to school and maybe it will be easier to get weekend camp sites.


  1. Those weekends right before school starts are the hardest to get. I actually made some reservations which I seldom do but is always wise this time of year.

  2. I think as autumn comes, some places will be easier to book and others not. What are the cancellation policies of the parks you want to visit? If you can cancel and not be charged, you might make some reservations way ahead and cancel if you come up with a different plan.

    I hear thinking of JELLO is a good strategy!

  3. Glad you had a good golf game yesterday!
    The kids in this area have been back to school for a couple of weeks. The campgrounds are almost empty....:-)