Friday, August 31, 2012

Vista Elks Lodge, Vista, California

I had quite a few comments from our previous blog asking how we found a Passport America Park so cheap near Los Angeles. As I re-read my last blog I realized we usually mention the parks we stay at because we like to be able to refer back to these blogs should we return on a similar route in the future  It can be quite a challenge finding reasonable rates especially in certain locales and reading blogs has been one resource in helping us in our searches for places to stay. The route we chose to take along the western coast of the United States had very few Passport America parks from the Oregon border to LA. However, just past LA to the south we discovered several parks available at this time of year.
Lake Elsinore,  Lake Park RV Resort. A few comments about the park:

  • The sites where they put us was all loose rock and 50 amp with sewer
  • Cable TV was included as well as free WIFI at this rate
  • There was a limit of 2 days stay – additional days $30.00
  • There are park models nearest the lake
  • There are full time residents here as well

Although Lake Elsinore may not be the most scenic destination the reasons we chose to stay there were the proximity to the southern LA beaches, it was well south of metro LA, and the rates made up for our previous more expensive stay at our prior destination.

When we left Lake Park RV Resort for the short 45 drive south we were headed for the Vista Elks Lodge in Vista California. A good friend of ours that I use to bowl with many years ago lives close to the lodge. He is also an Elks member and this particular lodge allows member’s to sponsor guests. So we are tucked into a rather tight site behind the lodge on 30 amps with water and no sewer. The do have a dump station on site and also we get free WIFI however, no cable and few TV stations over the air. It is $20 per night for us since we are not members of the Elks. We plan to stay here for 11 nights total since space is available and the snow birds haven’t started their southward migration yet. We are considering joining the Elks but the dues are a bit on the high side and we aren’t sure we would use their facilities across the nation as much in this lifestyle as we would once we settle down. Anyway, part of the reason we are staying at an Elks is so we can get a feel for what an active lodge is all about.

And since we are just 10 miles from the beach in Oceanside, CA I think we will enjoy our stay here…

We are hoping to stay at Santee Park next and are waiting to hear back from them regarding availability.

NOTE: No pictures today due to camera malfunction with SD card…


  1. Will be curious to hear your impressions of the Elks once you've experienced a few days with them. Always heard it was a good organization and a cheap place to stay. Was surprised to hear their dues were high. Don't know why I thought they were just a nominal fee.

  2. A good way to get the feel of the lodge. But for us $20. a night is still pretty expensive. Sure glad we invested in memberships years ago.

  3. You are hanging out in our old stomping grounds. We miss Southern California, especially this time of year when we are melting in Arizona!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good deal, with a great location being so close to the beaches. We have heard it is rather expensive in California and boondocking isn't allowed in some of the cities. Enjoy your stay.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. If you plan on doing SD, you must go to Scripps Oceanographic and ask for Cindy Clark (Penny's sister). She returns from Paris on Wednesday, and will get you in to see the Aquarium - she is the director of communications.

    Currently enjoying the Paralympics in London. Cheerio!

  6. Hi everyone My name is Tom Smith and I am the leader of the Vista Elks Lodge! I found your blog while checking out the net and to see what is being written about our lodge. Thank you for the nice article and I would invite everyone to check us out! We have been improving our operations the last year, We now have a fully enclosed patio with Gazebo and Bocce Ball courts,. We have horseshoes and washers in our 32 space RV park and as of November our Lodge will be open 7 days a week. Our dues are $106 annually which supports mainly our charities with most of our operating capital coming from events and fundraisers! Our major charity is disabled children, Veterans and educational scholarships. When you join the elks you have access to over 2500 Lodges nationwide. Our Lodge has Dances every Friday, entertainment Thursday, Karaoke Wednesday etc. I Look forward to speaking or meeting new people call us at 760-724-1968 ask for Tom, leave a message and I will call you back.

    Thomas W Smith
    Vista Elks Lodge 1968