Monday, September 3, 2012

A day at the beach, Oceanside CA…

Oceanside Beach CA 002

Oceanside Beach CA 004We finally found a beach on the west coast where the water is warm enough to wade in!!! The beach scene above was in Oceanside California just north of San Diego. Although the beaches here on the west coast are beautiful we found they are mostly only good for pictures and long walks while all bundled up in cold weather gear. But here is sunny southern California we found out why so many people choose to live here…

With near perfect weather along the coast, beautiful beaches and surf there is Oceanside Beach CA 026no wonder hoards of people call this area home. Venture just a little further inland and the temperatures may climb into the upper 90’s quickly but along the coast upper 70’s to low 80’s are the norm. With temperatures in the 60’s at night many call this place paradise. We are about 10 miles inland from Oceanside but with the traffic it is a 20 to 30 minute drive yet well worth it…

Oceanside Beach CA 006The header photo was taken on a day other than during the Labor Day weekend whereas the one just above was taken on that weekend. You can probably guess which way we would prefer to see it… The beach itself has a fine darker sand yet all throughout it has gold flecks that shimmer in the sunshine as the water recedes.. Colorful rocks that have been smoothed and rounded by sand in the continuous churning of the tides are scattered along the shoreline during low tide. Also pieces of kelp seaweed occasionally wash ashore to provide some of nature’s art to enjoy…

During high tide much of the Oceanside Beach is under water as the waves lap along the rip rap Oceanside Beach CA 030placed along the shoreline to prevent erosion. Houses of all types can be found along the beach. There are little tiny homes that look old and in need of some love. There are also brand new uber-modern homes with lots of glass providing views of the surf. And of course there are high rises with balconies overlooking  the shoreline as well. We saw several small cottages that would work perfectly for us but we can’t even imagine what those little jewels would sell for…

Oceanside Beach CA 025The pier at Oceanside is enormous and unlike many of the piers in Florida it is free to walk out on it to observe what the fisherman and fisherwomen are catching. It also provides a perfect vantage point for watching surfers of all skill levels trying to catch and conquer the ideal wave. The swells were particularly large during the Labor Day weekend so there were throngs of surfers in the sea. Oceanside beach patrols kept the surfers in one area and the swimmers in another making it quite safe for all.

Oceanside Beach CA 028

Along the pier the occasional brown pelican was perched along the pier’s rail side providing exciting photo props for the kids and their parents where we heard, “I didn’t realize they were so big” or “How do they eat with that big nose…” With the beach this close to us we will likely visit there often as we still have nearly a week to stay at the Vista Elk’s.

We hope to spend some winter time here in the southwest but our plans may be disrupted since we have developed a small water leak in our supply side plumbing that, unfortunately for us, may require a trip to Red Bay. We will learn more from the service department after they get back from their holiday weekend. At least we have no current reservations…


  1. Oh no, I hope you don't have to go all that way to have a leak repaired. This country is so big that once I'm on the East Coast I stay for a while and the same with the west coast.

    I moved to Southern California from Virginia Beach at one point in my life and could never love the ocean there the way I did the Atlantic. Too cold unless you are near San Diego and too crowded all year long for my taste. But it's lovely to visit although I haven't been back since I moved and am not sure I ever will. Just too much traffic and too many people.

  2. Okay, we are not happy to hear about the leak, but can't help but be glad that it might bring you back to the Florida beaches this winter! If you go to Red Bay, you cannot miss the Coon Dog Cemetary this time. NPR featured it on Sunday edition this morning. Here's the link:

  3. You're in my old stomping grounds now. I lived in San Diego and in San Marcos (North San Diego) and my son is in Encinitis, a bicycle ride from the beach. That is a beautiful area, but tooooo crowded, too many people, too may cars, and too expensive for me. When I settle down, it won't be in southern California, that's for sure, but I'll enjoy visiting my son there. Thanks for the photos of the beach. :)

  4. The weather in that area seems to be lovely year-round; if only the prices allowed us to consider it as a retirement spot! Hope you don't have to go all the way back to RB for your repair.

  5. We would love to live in San Diego but the price is high for paradise