Monday, August 19, 2013

A Hike in the Dells of the Eau Claire…

Dells of Eau Claire WI 024

Wausau WI 014As our time was coming to a close in Wausau Wisconsin we decided we had better get done the few thing left on our to do list in this area. First up was to check out the other Disc Golf course nearby.

After our first try at the course in the nearby town of Martin we tried this one at Memorial Park Disc Golf. This was only a nine hole course but being a bit more open it was easier to play, that is except for the few water holes…


Wausau WI 024Wausau WI 035

Next on the list was a visit to find the best cheese curds for Sharon… our tip of where to go was a place just 15 minutes south of town at Mullins Cheese Inc. Factory. When we got there I engaged a couple of ladies in conversation who told me that without a doubt this was the place. We entered into the small retail shop for their cheese factory and sampled some “squeaky” fresh cheese curds. Unimpressed I convinced Sharon we had not tried them until we had tried them fried… so we did. WOW! These were pretty darned tasty… a bit salty but darned good nonetheless! We had a hard time leaving there without a haul of different cheeses…

Dells of Eau Claire WI 041Dells of Eau Claire WI 005

Next on list we took on a hike the next day as we visited the Dells of Eau Claire in nearby Aniwa, WI. A somewhat unknown spot but it was designated as a state natural area. This is not "the Dells" that are so well-known in Wisconsin that are on the Wisconsin River as these “Dells” are found on the Eau Claire River and are not surrounded by tourist traps!

 Dells of Eau Claire WI 039Dells of Eau Claire WI 029

Dells of Eau Claire WI 036

So what is here? Well there are some pretty cool rock formations all along the Eau Claire River. The dells of Eau Clair are of glacial origin like much of Wisconsin’s landscape. There is a some nice hiking along the Ice Age trail as we encountered kids jumping from cliffs into the river and others hiking along the trails. We followed the Eau Claire River along the North Lake Shore trial and after a mile or so crossed over a foot bridge and walked back down the South Lake Shore trial. All along the trail were scenic spots worthy of a photograph and simply stopping to sit and listen to the dells of the Eau Clair River were was relaxing and delightful.

Dells of Eau Claire WI 014Dells of Eau Claire WI 018Dells of Eau Claire WI 025

Dells of Eau Claire WI 009After a great hike along the river we headed back home to prepare “Abbey” for her journey to Door County. The drive this day would be a long one for us, a 141 mile trip, and even though we had to drive through Green Bay it was mostly uneventful. We pulled into Tranquil Timbers, an Encore and Passport America Park, yesterday afternoon ($27.43 with tax). We are here during peak season so park rates are high in this area and that is why we came for a Sunday through Thursday stay. We hope to explore Door County over the several days before heading back into Green Bay for the weekend and then on to Madison for a bit…


  1. The "Dells" is on our list to visit one day. It looks as beautiful as we have been told.


  2. OH, yum...fried cheese curbs. The Indiana State Fair has a booth and they also cook some yummy ones. The line is always long but well worth the wait.

    What a lovely hike along the river. Looks like a gem of a place t visit.

  3. Looks like you have been experiencing classic Wisconsin life. Even though I spent a lot of time in Wisconsin in my younger years, I never tried fried cheese curds!

  4. I avoided the Dellls in Wisconsin as not my sort of place so thanks for showing me these Dell's with your beautiful pictures. I can see I will love them.

  5. Wisconsin is one of only 4 states I have never visited - .

    1. Omigosh..people are so friendly here! I am really enjoying it so far!

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      Crews on Monday began tearing down G. Rollie White Coliseum in College Station.

      The gymnasium formerly was home to athletic events, graduations, concerts and the A&M Letterman’s Association, which has relocated.

    3. it was also formerly home to me as I had an office in that building in 1994-95