Sunday, August 25, 2013

Going to Lambeau Field for some Tailgating…

Lambeau Field GBW 001

Lambeau Field GBW 007Since there was a preseason game with the Green Bay Packers against the Seattle Seahawks we thought it would be cool to go down to Lambeau Field before the game to experience a Packer tailgate! We didn’t really plan to attend the game since the cheapest tickets I could find were still $75.00 which is way out of my budget especially for a pre-season game.

We got on-line to figure out how to best get to the stadium and find parking. Then I came across a site that said the bus line, the Green Bay Metro, provides free service to and from games. They run 3 hours prior to the game and three hours after the game. So we ditched the idea of driving down and planned to take the Cheesehead bus instead Lambeau Field GBW 004(they have clever names for the game buses depending on their route). Even better the bus stop is right here within 100 yards of where we are parked at Oneida Casino. So we chilled while waiting for the bus to get here.  Oops, then I noticed that the bus should be here in three minutes… so we rushed out of the RV and walked really fast to the bus stop when I remembered I had forgotten my camera so I sprinted back to the RV to get the camera and Sharon also wanted me to get her more comfortable walking shoes.

Green Bay WI 044Green Bay WI 049

Green Bay WI 050After getting to the RV I realized the camera was in the CRV in the parking lot so I once again sprinted to the lot and then decided to just drive the CRV over to the spot to save time. Once I got to the bus stop I could see the bus leaving and saw Sharon looking distraught… I told her to jump in the CRV and we would follow the bus to it’s next stop to hopefully catch it there. The next stop was a ways down the road but we managed to park in front of a restaurant and just did get on the bus.

Lambeau Field GBW 003There was standing room only on a bus filled with Packer fans all festively dressed in the colors of the Green Bay Packers. At least everyone but us since we had no Packer clothing. I told a couple of ladies sitting on the bus that I bet she couldn’t tell we were from out of town and it was our first Packer game. She then proceeded to tell us a lot of neat Packer stories and made the 20 minute bus ride to the game go by quickly.

Once off the bus the waves of people dressed in green and yellow were everywhere. Many of them were wearing jerseys of their favorite players… Rodgers, Matthews and even newcomer Lacy. There were a few who were donning wigs of the team colors and lots had face paintings as well. Sharon even got to have her photo taken with Saint Vince! Walking in the parking lot you could smell the Bratwursts and Burgers sizzling on the grill. Lots of folks were playing “cornhole” and swilling adult beverages… Yep the tailgate was in full force.. As we were taking in all the sights and sounds we drifted over to the food and beverage tent where there was a band playing that sounded pretty good.

Lambeau Field GBW 011As we squeezed our way through the crowd to see the band we were delighted when we saw how they were dressed…They were all decked out in classic nerd gear complete with taped glasses mismatched clothing and the drummer had a  colorful propeller hat.  The sights and sounds coming from them were top notch entertainment. The band called The Dweebs put on one heck of an show. We stayed for over an hour enjoying their music and hoping to win two tickets to the game a local radio station was giving away.. As they finally called out the names for the last tickets being given away, sigh, we weren’t winners, so we left the band and Lambeau Field GBW 010decided it was time to head back as the game was about to start.

We were going to just catch a city bus back but after having had to drive the CRV and follow the Cheesehead bus we had gotten close enough to walk back to the CRV. This less than 3 mile walk was relaxing as we meandered through quiet neighborhoods giving us time to unwind from all the high energy we felt at the tailgate… What fun our Green Bay tailgating experience was…


  1. What a cool post! I was born in WI and, until a couple years ago, had never even been to Lambeau. Well, I finally made the pilgrimage but have never experienced the "real deal" as you have.
    So...was it enough to turn you into a Packer fan??
    Just wonderin' :)

  2. I am sure they know how to tailgate there in Green Bay. But please say you have not converted to a cheese head :)

  3. Sounds like a great time you had there at the tailgate party, we would enjoy that more than the game itself.

  4. You sure it's not Halloween? Those are some crazy costumes!

  5. I can't understand how a family for four can afford to go to a game, but I see the stands packed with them.

    We enjoy attending the tailgate parties at VT just about as much as we enjoy the game.

  6. Wow, that is something I would have loved to do...wearing my 49er Jacket of course! or perhaps my Raiders shirt!! Of course, you could have NEVER done what you did in Oakland...that is, walk back to your car. First, your car would be gone. Second, the chances of you getting to where your car was parked without getting mugged at least three times is very slim....but you gotta love them Raiders. (well, i guess you don't, but i do) Wish you could have attended the game. I've always wanted to attend an NFL game, that and a Cubs winning the World Series are the two sports items on my Sports Bucket list. (Cubs only because Marcia is a huge Cubs fan) --Dave (Marcia and Bubba and Skruffy),