Friday, August 23, 2013

Some Hikes in Door County Wisconsin…

Door County Loop 012

Door County Loop 006As I mentioned before Tranquil Timbers RV Resort is adjacent to Potawatomi State Park. While walking around the park I noticed a trail that led to Potawatomi State Park. There is a Observation Tower there about 3.4 miles from where we are camped so we decided to spend a day walking into the park to the tower.

We didn’t have to walk more than 1/10 mile before we had entered the park. We walked down a steep hill along a road parallel to the waters of Sturgeon Bay. We then noticed we could walk along the Ice Age Trail. We first encountered this trail in Wausau, WI and have now picked Door County Loop 004it up once again. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile trail that is entirely within the state of Wisconsin and it highlights the Ice Age landscape features.

All along the way we saw rocky little beaches to walk out onto, take a few pictures and soak up the sun. Sailboats were out in force as the winds were perfect for sailing. Once we came upon the Tower Trail we took it for a while and as we walked we noticed lots of other side trails many with the same Tower Trail signs… So where the heck was the Tower?

Cave Point Park Wisc 001Well as it turned out we walked about 3/4 mile past the Tower and when we finally gave up and started back on the park road we saw the Tower. Relieved we finally found it we were anxious to go up to the top to see the sights…then we saw the workers welding on the tower and alas, it was closed. Oh well our 7 mile hike became an 8 mile hike and we didn’t even get to see the tower. Good exercise at least…

Our last day we drove over to the Cave Point County Park about 18 miles east of us. We only planned a short hike here after the day at Potawatomi. There is no entrance fee here or any charge to park… wow something free here in Door County! The craggy eroding limestone cliffs were really cool here especially on the day we arrived as the there was a fierce north wind and as the colder air met the warmer air it caused fog to hover over the water. A front was expected to pass through with severe weather later in the evening. We walked all along the gnarly cliffs and then we walked in the woods where we encountered a large patch of wild raspberries. Needless to say we ate a few and picked a bunch for later.

Cave Point Park Wisc 003Cave Point Park Wisc 007Cave Point Park Wisc 012Cave Point Park Wisc 014Cave Point Park Wisc 017

Our last evening in Sturgeon Bay we took in their weekly summer series outdoor concerts.Due to inclement weather they moved the location inside a large marina to escape the stormy weather coming this way. A pretty decent band but the guest singers they brought on to sing were much better than they were. One amazing guy sang the song "A Lighter Shade of Pale" and we could feel his voice pierce us as he sang.

Cave Point Park Wisc 031Cave Point Park Wisc 030Cave Point Park Wisc 023

Before breaking camp on Thursday and heading toward Green Bay I got up early as I hadn’t been able to squeeze in the time to check out the art on the streets of the town of Sturgeon Bay. There are numerous sculptures of Sturgeon all part of the Street Art Auction that takes place annually at the Harvest Festival held in September… Cool fish but it was time to head to Green Bay where we will be staying for the weekend!


  1. Where are you staying around Green Bay? email me at

  2. Planing on spending some time in WI during September. Sure don't want to walk 8 miles to see what I wanted to see but didn't. But, as you say - great exercise.

  3. Wild Raspberries, A guy who can sing "lighter shade of pale" and sturgeon that don't try to hop in your boat with you- you guys are living right :)

  4. So far we have managed to miss the Door Peninsula. We need to go there some day. Love the craggy rocks.