Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Babineaux Sister’s Concert and Parish Brewery…

bettys part 5 038

As I mentioned in the previous blog I will be penning a few more Abbeville area blogs even though we have left Betty’s and are now in College Station, Texas. One pretty cool event we were lucky enough  to attend since we had extended our stay at Betty’s by four days was the first in the series of free concerts held in Magdalen Square in Abbeville, LA.

bettys part 5 040The series known as “Sounds on the Square” was featuring a pair of young sisters who sing what is known as French Folk Rock. which is another variety of some classic Cajun music. The Babineaux Sisters and their band put on a really great concert. One sister was the lead singer and sang most of the songs in French but was also a very talented  squeezebox and  fiddle player..

A nice crowd was on hand and as as it got darker the lights in the very stately live oak trees were lit up and helped illuminate the area where a lot of folks were dancing the Cajun two step or the Cajun version of the waltz .We of course had to take a spin or two on the dance floor.  With cold beverages and some jambalaya being sold to raise money for a good cause there was simply no reason not to have a great time… and we  sure did!

Another fun place to visit, especially for us, was the Parish Brewery just outside of Lafayette, LA. We hooked up with some of our Betty’s friends, Dan and Merlene, to ride over to Broussard, LA to find the brewery. It was located in a warehouse district typical of many of the smaller craft breweries we have visited.

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 045  Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 053

Upon entry we were told a tour had just started and we could get a “road beer” to take along with us along the tour. The bartender gave us each two chips good for about a five ounce sample of one of three beers they had available on tap. Other beers on tap could not be sampled with the chip but could be purchased Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 048separately. We grabbed a sample of their Envie American Pale Ale and the South Coast Amber and caught up with the tour.

The tour itself was a bit weak as the speaker  had a very low volume voice and we could barely hear what he had to say. It was okay since we have heard many other crafters of beer tell  their stories but we would have still liked to listen to what their story was. Oh well… once the tour was over we went back out and sampled a few other beers such as the Wheat Canebrake and another nice Belgian Brew called Farmhouse.

After sampling a few beers we left Parish Brewery and headed down to Erath for their Saturday Cajun Jam Session of which I posted about in an earlier blog… love the music here, it is just too much fun…


  1. I love sampling different craft beers, just never get around to it very often.