Monday, March 17, 2014

Classic Cajun Restaurants and RVillage is one cool tool….

Bettys Part 3 017

IMAG0598I want to point out some Road Treats but first there is a really cool tool for RV’ers  now open to the public in the form of a beta product, RVillage. What is RVillage? Well picture Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Allstays and Google Maps all put together in one package specifically designed for RV’ers! ! Check it out and join the fun by creating your account at RVillage.

Now about the Road Treats… Anyone who has visited Betty’s RV Park will recognize these great eating spots but I thought I would write a bit about a few  favorites we have visited so far.

IMAG0597The Villager Café advertises themselves as the Best Poor Boys Around! They also state that they are Louisiana’s Best Kept Secret. Well not anymore because I am going to tell the world that this place makes a damn good poor boy. Anytime we arrive near the coastal areas we are always in search of really good oyster or shrimp poor boy. This time we went with fellow bloggers Janie and John (Flamingo on a Stick). The Villager Café is just the spot to get  a really good one of these. Quality ingredients stacked high on homemade bread was perfectly balanced between slaw and abundant crispy fried shrimp. We also hear that they make the best Philly cheese steak which is comparable to anything the east coast has to offer. We will have to return to try one of these as well before we leave this part of Louisiana.

Bettys Part 3 012Another great place is a little grocery store outside Kaplan, Louisiana  called Abshire's Corner Store offering a variety of good Cajun cuisine.  The only time we visited there we simply got their lunch special which was a Shrimp and Egg Stew over rice… Man was it good! I forgot to take any pictures of the food at the place but this was another wonderful spot..

Bettys Part 3 018However my favorite stop in this area is Suire’s Grocery and Restaurant. This place is a blast from the past in that it is an old time grocery store just like the ones I remembered as a kid in North Texas. Their saying is “If you want country cooking come to the country.”  It is out in the middle of nowhere or so it seems. A few miles south of the town of Kaplan is this little gem of a road treat. What can you get here? Classic Cajun country cooking such as pistolettes (a shrimp or crawfish stuffed and fried bread roll), Étouffée, Gumbo, Boudin, Alligator, Piquante and  Crawfish of course. Many of the dishes are packaged in the refrigerator case for those wanting food to-go.  We may have to return to  pick up some corn and shrimp soup to go for our travel day lunch when leaving Abbeville.

Because we are here just a few more days , we will likely want to revisit one or more of these places before we leave….


  1. You are making us hungry. I see a return visit to Betty's and Suire's in our future. Right now I am thinking of the shrimp and catfish po boys that the two of us shared at Suire's. Hey, it's only a two or three day drive :-)

  2. I have sure been seeing a lot about RVillage. Not quite sure yet that I want to join, so I'll be interested in seeing how you like it.

    1. I was an early beta tester and I really believe with enough interest this will become the to go to site for RV'ers...

  3. Suire's is my favorite place in the area too.

  4. Without a doubt Suire's was our favorite stop while we were at Betty's. We made a serious dent in their freezer when we left as well.

  5. Oh, you are finding all the gems offered around Abbeville. Hubby loves the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich at The Villager and says it is the best. I'm all over their shrimp po'boy. Please try to go to Shucks before you leave for IMHO are the best oysters...fried or raw. Actually I'd suggest their sampler oyster tray with 4 different toppings and just barely barbequed. And their bread pudding is the best anywhere....if you don't believe me ask Sandy Lee....she's an expert. I joined RVillage also and agree it is going to be a big plus for RVers. I really like the idea of creating a way to build "community" on the road as we travel.

  6. Oh, you are making me hungry!

  7. We first had our Étouffée when we parked at Poches Fish Campground in Breaux Bridge. Delicious.

  8. Thanks for sharing these Louisiana gems. I see a couple of familiar faces, John and Janie. Glad you were able to hook up with them.

  9. Have added those places to our list.