Sunday, March 30, 2014

To Delta Downs and on to College Station, TX…

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 065


We finally left Betty’s after being caught in her web for an extra four days. As a result we only had one extra night to spend on the road since we made reservations at Holiday RV Park in College Station, Texas. Not wanting to spend a lot of money for a one night stay and not really wanting to spend our first overnight in a  Walmart I found a nice overnight spot right on the Louisiana and Texas border.

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 064

We drove 109 miles over to the Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino in Vinton, Louisiana after calling ahead to ask if it was okay for us to overnight in their parking lot.  They said yes and instructed us to park in the back lot. After looking on Google Maps I located the lot that we were going to park in so we wouldn’t be confused when we arrived at Delta Downs.

We pulled into the back lot and parked parallel to the Delta Down horse racing track. We centered our rig under a street light so we would have ample nighttime lighting without having to use the generator as much. After parking we walked Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 071around the property and went inside to see if they had any new player comps. They did and although they were quite meager it still didn’t stop us from using them to gamble a bit. We played about an hour, enjoyed several complimentary beverages and by the time we left we were only out about 10 bucks! Not bad for a evening worth of entertainment as well as an overnight parking spot.

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 070Come morning I arose to a treat as I opened our blinds up to our view of the outside adjacent horse track where the ponies were running around the track for some early morning exercise. I made a pot of coffee and sat back in by driver’s seat to watch the ponies warm up and practice out of the starting gates right in front of our home. What a sweet spot for an overnighter… much better than a Walmart I would bet.

After breakfast we tidied up and left Delta Downs for Texas. A longer drive was in store for us today as we made our way to Beaumont and onto highway 105 to avoid Houston. One hundred and eighty eight miles later we pulled into our site for our next month long stay at Holiday RV Park in College Station, Texas.


  1. We've also overnighted at Delta Downs a couple of times. Great spot, and if I remember correctly I could even pick up their free wifi from the parking area.

    If you're ever that desperate, Home Depot and Lowes are much better options than Walmart for an overnight stop. And Home Depot has wifi too.

    Even better than that? Sign up with Harvest Hosts.

    1. I probably should have mentioned that... yes you can get their free wifi from the parking lot... very convenient!

  2. For sure you had a better spot and view than if you were at the Walmart. We'll be doing the Walmart, however, Tuesday night as we head into GA. It's a nice stop right near the university in Gainesville with a Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Cold Stone Creamery across the road. Bet it won't be as quiet as your spot!

  3. We have enjoyed at stay at Delta downs as well very convenient and enjoyed the ponies as well.

  4. We have to get back to Betty's one of these days! Nice overnight stop. We've stopped at Isle of Capri in that area.

    How did you like 105? We've taken that route too. Several back and forth turns, if I recall.

    Enjoy College Station......"Keep Johnny in Texas" :-)

    1. love driving 105 especially now that they have a bypass around Cleveland TX