Friday, March 28, 2014

Betty’s RV Park–It’s a Wrap!!!


Well this blog will wrap up our stay at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana. We  booked a two week stay when we were still in Florida but when it was time for us to leave we of course fell victim to what many have done before us… we got caught in Betty’s web! For those that don’t know Betty’s web is a euphemism for extending your stay longer than you had originally planned… we added four more days to our two week stay.

Betty's Part 2 083bettys group

Why would anyone do that? You don’t stay at Betty’s for the manicured RV lots and all the nice facilities like a pool, hot tub, bath house or rec center. No! You stay at Betty’s for two main reasons: Betty of course… and the people that Betty seems to attract to her place. Now Betty’s isn’t for everybody and that is a good thing as there are only 17 spots and those of us that love Betty’s want one of them.

Bettys part 2 001Betty's Part 1 026

As many know that visit Betty’s there are two lists… One for those that were not particularly nice or pleasant and the other for those that are always welcome back. Unless you don’t want to come back do not get on the bad list! We love being on the welcome back list!

rabbit festival crewBettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 059

Now more about the people that Betty’s attracts. You see everyday at 4:30 p.m. (5:00 on church day) there is a happy hour at Betty’s. this happy hour is entirely optional however it is funny how people will completely stop what they are doing and say something like…”Hey, it’s four o’clock we need to get back to Betty’s for happy hour!”

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 005Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 013

At happy hour everyone brings their own drinks and a snack to share with the group. The snacks are so varied and plentiful that most nights it became our dinner.  Happy Hour is also a time when guests share their talents and we were treated to several jam sessions by local musicians as well as musician Rv'ers during our stay.  There were also some potluck dinners and visits from Betty's lovely Aunt Irene and son Reid.  It is that welcoming family atmosphere that immediately puts newcomers at ease and in no time the guests become the best of friends.

Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 030Bettys Part 6 and Delta Downs 047

This was our second stop at Betty’s and we have met some wonderful people here many of which we will surely  hope to cross paths with again someday… most likely at Betty’s  With Betty’s lively personality she has a way of attracting people who enjoy having a fun time, love happy hours, love interesting cuisine and simply love music.


We have met a lot of wonderful people here at Betty’s RV Park. People from all over the USA and Canada and even one wonderful couple from Australia. We have met seasoned full timers, new full timers, snow birds who love Louisiana and even a Cajun who doesn’t stray far from home to winter at Betty’s.

Betty singing a version of the Betty’s RV Park Jingle…

Will we return to Betty’s? You bet we will!!!


  1. Now that is the Betty's we remember. Hope she put us on the good Safe travels.

  2. Safe travels!! Glad you had a wonderful time at Betty's making great memories:)

  3. Another fun place to stay, someday we will be driving by and stay a while too.

  4. Not sure when we'll ever make it back to Louisiana, but you can be sure a stop at Betty's will be on the agenda.

  5. Maybe next year we can get back to Betty's too.

  6. We will go through LA all the time so we will plan a stop at Betty's.

  7. We're gonna have to stay there one of these days... sure looks like a good time! Perfect for folks like me who love Cajun food, huh?

  8. I've never heard anything but good things about Betty's.

  9. I'm not sure I could survive all the fun at Betty's. :)