Monday, March 24, 2014

Palmetto Island State Park and University of Louisiana Lafayette…

bettys part 5 013

If you follow the blog you probably know by now that… well… We got caught in Betty’s Web! Yep we added four more days to our two week stay since there were too many fun things we wanted to do before leaving this area. A couple of other places we had fun visiting were  the Palmetto Island State Park and University of Louisiana Lafayette.

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We actually visited Palmetto Island State Park a while back but I never posted about it. We went over to the park while Janie and John were here and the four of us took off  to hike on the nature trails. This park is primarily a canoe or kayaking park as there are lots of water trails but with all the food and drinks we partake in here at Betty’s we decided we really needed to find a place for a good walk .

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Spring is just now really starting to show its colors and when we walked through the park we were able to spot a few of the critters enjoying the warmer temperatures. There were several alligators sunning on the banks and we even spotted a nice water snake and a few leopard frogs out and about. Yellow-rumped warblers were flitting about the trees that had blooming yellow jasmine creeping up their trunks along with the ubiquitous poison ivy.

bettys part 5 024Palmetto Island State Park is a pretty neat little park with some very nice RV camping spaces as well. The only drawback is likely mosquitos once the temperatures warm up but it was nice on this particular day.

Another place we visited was the University of Louisiana Lafayette. As many of you may know we love to visit Universities and ULL was one we wanted to see. When our daughter was playing fast pitch softball this school had a very strong softball program.

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Of course we had to visit the softball field and the other athletic facilities. The main entrance has a really nice building  along with some magnificent live oaks all draped in resurrection fern. The ferns were vibrant and green as the recent rains had provided plenty of moisture for the typical brown fern fronds to absorb and become the green ferns most of us are familiar with.

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We may have figured out why these Cajun’s are Ragin’ as we found several beer carts that are used to serve beer at their sporting events. I can see that I would have enjoyed going to ULL a lot…. We also took a stroll around “The Swamp” which would be a great place to unwind after a long day of studying.

bettys part 5 020This  was a another great way for us to get in one of those much needed walks while visiting Betty’s. We will actually leave here tomorrow but I will likely have two more blogs about our stay here as there is more I want to write about and remember. We plan to boondock overnight at the Delta Downs Casino near the Texas border. The next day we will drive about three hours to get to our month long stay at Holiday RV Park in College Station, Texas.


  1. There is a ton to do in that area. Wish you had time to go see the wood carver. Since Paul carves, Betty set us up with a visit. He is excellent

    We just drove past Delta downs. We r on our way back to Ohio. Safe travels.

  2. You might not have graduated on time if you attended ULL. All that booze at events, you know.

  3. We love visiting colleges and universities in areas we are staying, also. It is amazing how many small towns have colleges.

  4. We too are big fans of colleges and universities. Betty's seems to be the place to stay. :)

  5. Love that you extended your stay beyond 2 weeks at Betty's. Clearly you were caught in her web and loving it. Hope the hike helped. :-)

  6. We are compiling a new list of things to do during our next visit to Betty's.