Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Cajun Music Scene…

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Every other Saturday there is an interesting event at the Acadiana Museum. The Acadian Museum is found in the heart of Cajun country in Erath, Louisiana. Its purpose is to commemorate and honor the Acadian heritage and Cajun people in Louisiana.

Betty's Part 1 044One Saturday we headed over to the Acadiana Museum to watch the owners of Touchet’s Bar become inducted into the Order of Living Legends. Since 1997, the museum has recognized and honored individuals who help shape and define the Cajun culture. Once per month on a Saturday there is a free Living Legends program which includes a Cajun Jam Session from 2 PM until 6 PM featuring traditional French Cajun Country & Western music. All local musicians are invited to join in as well and we were  sure not going to miss this event..As at every musical event spectators dance to the music and Sharon enjoyed a few dances with a local man who despite his age danced to nearly every song!

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Betty Bernard was inducted into the Order of Living Legends last year at the Acadiana Museum. Inductions are held during the Cajun jam sessions at the Museum Café (bar). It is local events such as these that give one the true sense of the pride of the Acadian (cajun) culture that people in this part of Louisiana exhibit. It reminds us of the pride of the people in Texas and is probably one of the main reasons we love visiting this area.

Bettys 4 002There are many other opportunities to engage in the music scene. I mentioned Touchet’s Bar above as the owners were inducted into the Living Legends this year. Touchet’s is another locale that every other Saturday puts on a French Jam Session where groups come in and play and sing during twenty minute sessions. This is a great spot to come and see lots of the local talent in the area and even some of the young and up and coming talent.

At Touchet's we saw a six year old boy get up on the stage with the band and play his squeezebox (accordion). This little guy was barely bigger than his squeezebox but he played four songs pretty damn well for most folks regardless of their age. His name was Collin Broussard and I mention it only because if he stays with it this kid will be someone special in the music scene in Louisiana.

I’d write more but we are off to yet another music event…


  1. Sure do love that part of the country and you are enjoying it for us right now.

  2. I think I would have really enjoyed that music too.

  3. Get all the music you can while you can. Sounds like a great time!

  4. Cher- sound like you passin a good time in la

  5. We really must see Louisiana. It looks like such fun!

  6. Love Cajun/Zydeco music and food! Looks like you all are having a great time. We just watched 'On the Electric Mist and The Confederate Dead' [I think that's the title] starring Tommy Lee Jones yesterday. That made me hungry for some bayou times!

  7. Y'all are just having too much fun...Louisiana is a place to have it in!!!