Monday, June 23, 2014

Canyonlands National Park–Island in the Sky…

Hikes in Moab UT 080

Canyonlands National Park is so huge it is split by two rivers, The Green and the Colorado.  There are actually four distinct parts (or districts) within the Park. I visited the Canyonlands many years ago when I did a 100 mile float trip down the Green River where my group took out in the Needles District of the Canyonlands to hike from the river about 5 miles to our pickup point.  However the section most proximal to our current location in Moab is the Islands in the Sky District of the park where we wanted to visit during our stay.

Hikes in Moab UT 074Hikes in Moab UT 064Hikes in Moab UT 067Hikes in Moab UT 069

The drive over is scenic in itself as we followed alongside the Colorado River part of the way. Also, since there is a climb and change in elevation we experienced a 10 degree temperature drop upon entering the park making this a great place to go when the climate is hot in Moab. We visited many of the highlights of the Islands in the Sky District. There are some very awe inspiring vistas we encountered, some even rivaling those in the Grand Canyon. With the large landscapes our photos hardly captured the experience …

Hikes in Moab UT 082Hikes in Moab UT 081

Hikes in Moab UT 117Hikes in Moab UT 109Hikes in Moab UT 111Hikes in Moab UT 115

So I offer our photographic evidence as best I can of our encounter with the vastness and solitude of this amazing place… I still have three more blogs I want to pen about our time in Moab and yet it is time for us to leave. We are heading to Provo, Utah this morning so I have some blogging to catch up with…


  1. More great pictures thanks for sharing!

  2. We really enjoyed that area last fall and wish we'd had a vehicle to take on the back roads.

  3. Great Photos. Enjoy the Salt Lake area and while you are there, try out their breweries. Thats right, Salt Lake City has breweries!

  4. We always seem to be following behind you. Hope to get there perhaps in the fall. Your gorgeous pictures make me anxious to see it.. I feared it would be too hot in Moab in late June. Looks like I was wrong. Looking forward to more posts on it.

  5. Canyonlands is such an awesome place!! Thanks for taking me back:) We did one of my favorite hikes in The Needles. Can't wait to return to both areas.

  6. Love all your photos, particularly that first shot. Such amazing country! :)