Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Corona Arch Hike near Moab, Utah…

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There are so many great hikes in the Moab Utah area it is hard to choose which one to go on. We decided to continue our Moab adventure by hiking one I had read a lot about, the Corona Arch Hike. This is a 3 miles round trip hike with lots of climbing. Corona Arch is another popular hiking destination especially after a widely viewed viral video on YouTube was published where a rock climber created his version of a rope swing on the arch. It was only popular until another individual tried the same stunt and died.

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As you can imagine this extreme activity has been banned (and in my opinion it should have not been allowed in the first place). Nonetheless this is a wonderful hike with lots of climbing and lots of thrills. Not only does the trail end at the stunning Corona Arch there is another smaller arch called Bowtie Arch, or as I call it “hole in the sky,” just before arriving at the bigger Corona Arch. I was a bit worried about some of the elements of this hike with Sharon’s discomfort with heights. However, Sharon was able to overcome much of her anxiety as we tackled some climbs using cables which I think she would have never tried in earlier times… She even went up a small ladder in order for us to get over the top of a ledge to continue our hike to the arch. I am happy she was able to come outside of her box a bit during this hike…

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Again I want to share lots of pictures of this enjoyable hike…

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I will post two blogs today to try and catch up to where we are now…


  1. More excellent pictures of that wonderful scenery, we are enjoying your travels.

  2. I've got some of those same fears to overcome, when I do the reward is usually spectacular. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, one of these days we'll be back.

  3. Since bad knees didn't let me go far off the beaten path while there, I'm enjoying seeing it via your shots.

  4. I think we will need at least a month in Utah next spring! You pictures are great.

  5. Love, love this arch!! It is also great for someone to try out chains, step holes, and ladders since each is just a small section. Good job, Sharon, giving this trail a try!! Glad you made it for the reward. We hiked this a week after a young man was killed trying swing through the arch. Sad story, indeed.

  6. It seems one could spend months in Utah hiking to all the arches. Great shots!