Friday, June 27, 2014

Hiking the “Y” in Provo, Utah…

Hiking the Y Provo Utah 006

We left Moab, Utah with the sense that we accomplished all the main things we wanted to do. However, this is a place we will hopefully return as  the scenery is spectacular and there is so much to do in the area. Our next destination was Utah Lake State Park in Provo, Utah. With a view over Utah Lake and a backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains this is a nice park to be in. Our first order of business was to restock our groceries since we were about out of everything. We were happy to find a WinCo in Orem, Utah where we found great produce, meats and their bins we enjoy scooping rye flour, yeast and other goodies.…

Hiking the Y Provo Utah 003   SLC Temple and Park City Utah 007

Hiking the Y Provo Utah 034   Hiking the Y Provo Utah 031

Next on our list was to check out Brigham Young University. We love to  visit campuses across the USA so we enjoyed our stroll around BYU. We also wanted to do the “Y” Trail near the BYU campus. The Y is a concrete whitewashed letter on the side of the mountain and is said to be said to be the largest collegiate symbol in the United States at 380 feet tall and 180 feet wide.

Hiking the Y Provo Utah 005Hiking the Y Provo Utah 035image

The fairly easy trail runs from the east side of Provo up to the block Y on the mountain. I say easy only in the sense that the trail is easy to hike but the trail is very steep so we took several pit stops to catch our breaths and take in the great views of the Provo, BYU and Utah Lake below. The trail has 12 switchbacks that assist in the climb up the side of the mountain.  Each are numbered and marked with signs along the way.  Hikers gain nearly a 1000 feet elevation in just over a mile on this trail. A great workout and a great hike…


  1. I agree with what you said, Utah is one state that we can keep coming back for more. like that "framed" house capture.

  2. Definitely going to have to make it to Utah some day. Hopefully next April...

  3. Now Provo is a place we haven't ever been.

    We would have loved this hike.

  4. We love to explore campuses as well. Don't know if we would have thought to visit Provo but it looks interesting, especially that hike.

  5. We stayed on the outskirts of SLC when we were in that area last year. Next time we'll try Provo.