Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two hikes to Delicate Arch and to Negro Bill Canyon…

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One very scenic hike we found here in Moab Utah that was not in the Arches National Park  the Negro Bill Canyon Hike. This hike totals 4.6 miles round trip and it is one of Moab’s most popular day hikes. The hike has you going in a canyon right beside the Colorado river and it meanders alongside a running creek through lush green woodlands and, of course, through some spectacular red rock canyon walls and valleys. We crossed the creek at least eight times ( although I may have lost count) so plan on wet feet if you are not careful. The trail is mostly well maintained but there are a few spots where poison oak grew all along the trail. Use the mantra,  leaflets three let it be (especially glossy green leaves). There is about 400 feet of elevation gain but at the end of this glorious hike is a box canyon. When looking up we saw the magnificent geologic feature called Morning Glory Bridge. A wonderful morning hike this is…

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Morning Glory Arch near Moab, Utah

The same day in the afternoon we wanted to hike to Delicate Arch which was 3.2 miles round trip. It is said that Delicate Arch is second only to the Grand Canyon as the most photographed landmark on the Colorado plateau and when you get there you know why.  It is indeed a true wonder of nature and it is so popular that it’s the background of the State of Utah’s license plates. This is a must hike when in the Moab area! It is however a fairly rigorous hike in that it is nonstop climbing .… After 1.6 miles of steady uphill climbing we at last rounded a corner and there it was… Delicate Arch!!! What a beauty… No matter how many pictures we have seen of the this arch absolutely nothing compared to actually seeing it up close, live and in-person.

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Sooooo many hikes and things to do in this area…


  1. Really nice pictures. That looks like a great hike in the canyon.

  2. We are hoping to get to that area next April. It seems like there is so much to see there and so many beautiful hikes. Thanks for showing us these two.

  3. When we needed a break, we did the Negro Bill Canyon Hike. Such a pretty hike and not near as strenuous as the others. Great photos.

  4. We love both these hikes. You are certainly right about the poison oak. Glad we knew what it was.

  5. Those of you who are spending time in Utah will be our travelogues when we finally get there. Thanks for the informative posts and the beautiful photos.

  6. Such a beautiful area to hike, enjoying your great pictures.

  7. Y'all are sure seeing some beautiful country. We have never been in the east side of Utah...but we are ready!!!