Saturday, June 14, 2014

Westside Of Albuquerque and planning our trek north…

Sandia Peak Hike 026

Sandia Peak Hike 024After our weeklong stay came to an end at Tierjas NM we thought it best to move on down the mountain to the Westside of Albuquerque NM. Why did we only drive 27 miles to our next location? Well on the Westside of town there is not only a Camping World located there where we needed a few things from , but also a Freightliner Shop. We needed to have our annual maintenance performed so we checked with the Freightliner Shop and they see people first come first served… perfect for us!

Since we have good friends here in Duke City we dropped off our motorhome at the Shop on Friday afternoon. They promised to have it all done by Sunday morning. In the meantime we will stay with Sharon’s best friend (they met in Austin Texas) and take in a minor league game while waiting for the oil change and maintenance.

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The RV park we stayed at before dropping off our RV sure was a neat little spot. They have several vintage RV’s that they rent out on weekends. My favorite one by far is the one in the header picture of a 1950 Hudson Commodore car pulling a 1954 Vakashunette. Others ones I liked were a 1963 Winnebago Dot, a 1956 Yellowstone Geneva and a 1959 Spartan Flossie. There were several others as well all giving the entrance to Enchanted Trails RV Park a bit of a whimsical look.

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Within the main office building the owners invited us to walk around and see their many vintage items displayed such as old washing machines,  pressers, tools, radios, beauty shop chairs with hair dryers attached, old TV's with rabbit ear antennas, telephones and a large old pipe organ.  What fun it was to browse this unique Passport America Park. Its proximity right next door to Camping Word and only 1.5 miles from Freightliner was the perfect stop. Add to the fact that they had a propane dealer on sight (we needed our propane filled) made  this stop a no brainer…

Sandia Peak Hike 044While our RV is is getting all primped up for our northward trek we are still struggling with which way to go through Colorado on our way to Montana. We are debating whether or not to go up Interstate 25 (I hate Interstates), take 285 north to Denver (I worry about some of the elevations on this road) or just go to Durango (even more elevation worries, especially up to Silverton). This is consuming a lot of time and as slow as we are trekking north we may just as well take the Interstate… Oh well, planning is both part of the fun of RV’ing as it is part of the pain of RV’ing…


  1. We've stayed at Enchanted Trails each time we've been in Albuquerque and really love the vintage trailers and the closeness of Camping world. Can't help you with your route choices but I'll be very interested in what you decide for our trip next year.

  2. We just had our annual maintenance done here in Gaffney, SC. Betsy is given an all thumbs up. We are ready to move on.

  3. Enchanted Trails looks like a fun place to stop.

  4. If you are staying near Colorado Springs be sure to try Cheyenne Mountain State Park, overlooks the city and they have FHU's.

  5. The road from Durango to Silverton and then on to Ouray is spectacular, but it might be too twisty, narrow and steep for your motor home --- a great drive in a car. Creede is another great place to visit. It is just east and a little north of Durango. It has a great RV park --- Mountainviews. Cheyenne Mountain State Park outside of Colorado Springs is really nice. Another great place is Mountaindale RV and cabins (fifteen miles south of Colorado Springs). It is one of our favorite campgrounds. We have driven from Durango to Creede and then on to Colorado Springs in our motorhome without any problems.

  6. Guessing you have made your decision and are on the road by now. We sure loved our stay in Durango and our visit to Silverton. It is a place we wished we had booked for a longer period--so much to do and such a vibrant downtown.