Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Few Days at Betty's and Moving on Down the Road.

Our stay passed by really fast here at Betty’s RV Park. This is still one of our very favorite stops as there are few places where the food, music and people are all absolutely wonderful! Acadiana is one of the few places we have traveled where the people are as friendly as the people in Texas and also exhibit the same cultural pride in their state. As friendly as the people are and as good as the food is, the biggest draw for us, other than Betty, is the music.
Happily we have been enjoying some great Cajun music. With trips over to the Café Musee in Erath and to nearby Touchets we have enjoyed listening to local folks jamming out some great sounds. Here at Betty’s there has also been some impromptu jams with the best one being a large group of locals jamming on the porch. Dan, who is here with Merlene, joined in so not only did we hear some nice tunes by the locals. Dan treated us to a couple of very nice blues songs as well. Yep everyday is a fun day here at Betty’s RV Park!
We have had all kinds of fun the past few days and were fortunate to be invited guests to attend a “Changing of Command” ceremony where the Coast Guard honors the outgoing captain of one of their vessels and welcomes the new captain taking over the vessel. One of the new captains came by Betty’s RV park one day during happy hour and he invited us all to the event.
It was really quite an honor to attend one of these ceremonies and listen to the words of the outgoing and incoming command talk about themselves and their staff. The Coast Cutter “Pelican” was immaculate as everything looked to be in pristine condition for the new command to take over. Best of all after the ceremony those of us invited from Betty’s were included in the crawfish luncheon to celebrate this event. Those crawfish, sausage, corn and potatoes were darned good!!!
We leave Betty’s today to head just 30 miles up the road where we plan to stay at Breaux Bridge, Louisiana to allow us time to slowly wean away from all this fun. But we will be back! We simple have to return for the fun times here, the great music and of course the great food (we even were treated to one of Betty’s great gumbos while here this stay)…


  1. We were only there 4 days last fall and really enjoyed Betty's company and the Happy hours, the cajun food in the area, friendly people and a Saturday Jam session at Touchets (they even gave a couple of beer cozies as souvenirs), sure hope to get back there again soon.
    Have fun and hope you get through the withdrawal ok.

  2. Travel safe, see ya down the road.

  3. Looks and sounds fantastic,thanks for sharing.