Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strolling Around the University of Louisiana Lafayette…

NOTE: I published this using Blogger which I despise, but it was the only wasy to get a blog published today!

We are enjoying our stay at Betty’s RV Park although we are dodging much of the rain plaguing Texas and Arkansas. We seem to be in a pretty good location since we have missed most of the severe weather and have only had rain every now and then. We usually get in a walk of 3 miles or so everyday or occasionally venture away from the park to do a different walk.

One such day we decided to take a drive over to Lafayette. We have visited the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) before but since we were close by we decided to enjoy a nice walk around the campus. As we have said many times before we love to visit Universities as they are always so beautifully landscaped with interesting architecture. There is always something unique at each university we have visited.. At ULL its uniqueness can be found in the swamp located in the center of campus.

ULL is a nice sized campus and a few buildings are interesting. A good place to start is their visitor center as it is a beautiful historic building and a great source for information. We checked into the building where we were greeted by a very friendly young lady who gave us a campus map as well as a parking permit to place in our car window to park as long as we wanted in their lot. We told her we wanted to walk around campus and she let us know about a few places and when we mentioned we were going to the swamp she gave us some food to feed the turtles and fish. Now, how friendly is that!

The main road from the welcome center was lined with majestic live oaks all adorned in thick resurrection fern. The ferns were lush and vividly green as recent rains provided the necessary moisture for them to green up from heir otherwise drab brown fern fronds.
Of course we also had to visit the softball field to see if the ULL girls were practicing for their upcoming super regional appearance.  Sadly we missed most of practice but stayed for awhile as they were wrapping up. We were reminiscing about the days we spent in softball stadiums all over the USA watching our daughter Katie play collegiate softball. Those were some fun times and we made a lot of good friends in those days....

It turned out to be yet another great day for us enjoying that scenic walk around the ULL campus. We will be leaving here Sunday to a yet undetermined location. All this rain is playing havoc with our planning. We had been planning to make a run through Arkansas but if the rains and flooding don’t stop we will have to look elsewhere. Maybe Mississippi and then Tennessee…


  1. We love that campus.

    I DO NOT like publishing from Blogger either. I will keep Live Writer in my prayers tonight...hope Google sees the light...hehe

  2. Well, wherever you go, I'm sure it will be great!!!

  3. Another fun day in Louisiana, getting out and about.

  4. We were at Betty's earlier this month! So sorry we missed you. Hope our paths will cross some day in our travels.

  5. P.S. Love the photo of the turtle! Safe travels.