Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hiking in Palmetto Island State Park, Louisiana…

Hiking and fun times at Betty LA 027

Staying at Betty’s for month this time around is taking its toll on us. Having happy hour every day with the smorgasbord of snacks and goodies everyone brings means that the old waistline seems to be getting a bit larger and/or our shorts are getting tighter. In any event Sharon and I decided we had better get out and get a good walk in.

imageHiking and fun times at Betty LA 002

We do walk most days here at Betty’s around the neighborhood going anywhere between 2-3 miles nearly every day. However, with the amount of snacks we have been eating we knew we better do more than that. Plus with all the music and social gatherings we both needed a bit of quiet time so we decided to head over to Palmetto Island State Park.

imageHiking and fun times at Betty LA 005

Palmetto Island State Park is the newest park addition to the state of Louisiana’s park system. There are a lot of camping sites with water and electricity on nice long pads in a wooded setting. This park really fills up on the weekends but is pretty empty during the week making it  the perfect time and place for a quiet hike in the woods.

Hiking and fun times at Betty LA 018Hiking and fun times at Betty LA 009

There are several trails around the park we like to hike and they are mostly interconnected. We had to walk along the road a bit on one trail and we had to drive a few miles to hike the Lagoon Trail but the trails are all nicely manicured. Live oaks, red maples, oaks and sweet gum dominate the overstory landscape while palmetto is the dominant understory plant (I use the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region to help identify trees).

Palmetto Island SP 011Palmetto Island SP 004

Signs of spring are everywhere as the trees that aren’t already leafing out are filled with swollen buds ready to burst forth. Sprinkles of color are scattered in the understory with small purple violets, buttercups and bluets blooming everywhere. Small star shaped leaves on the sweetgum are peeking out… cardinals and yellow-rumped warblers are singing (I use the Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America). Yes, spring is definitely in the air… and we are happy to see her!

Palmetto Island SP 005Palmetto Island SP 010

Not only did we notice the many signs of spring we also spotted several feral pigs and even a momma with at least 15 piglets. It was entertaining watching the piglets hopping in the hip deep water (at least to them) to escape being anywhere near us. We also spotted several armadillos drilling the ground with their snouts in search of tasty treats.

Palmetto Island SP 009image

Before we knew it our fitness trackers told us we had logged over 6 miles and yes, this was exactly what we needed before heading back to Betty’s RV park. Now we have to get ready for happy hour…


  1. It is not all the drink and snacks, but the washing of shorts in hot water and drying them on high heat that are making them fit more tightly. With bated breath, I am eagerly awaiting your most snarky response. Oh, and those feral pigs are too cute

    1. bated???? Were you trying to bait me??? And you are right, it probably has little to with the snacks and more to do with the drinks!

      signed Mr. Snark

  2. You have the best photos of those ugly armadillos. Good job.

    We know exactly how you feel about happy hours and smorgasbord of snacks. It happens to us every time we go to Mission. Everything revolves around drink and eat.

    Palmetto Island State Park looks lovely. Added to Pinterest for the next time we are that way. Thanks.

    1. I love those ugly little armadillos...

    2. They are so cool. Cool genetics too

  3. Thanks for the lovely blog about the park! Glad to hear from folks who enjoy our facilities!

    Sharon Stroud Broussard
    Public Information Office
    Louisiana State Parks

  4. Thanks for the tour of the park.
    Those Happy Hours at Betty's sure do take their toll. They are fun though.
    Keep enjoying it there, we did.

  5. We all have to learn how to say "no!". Like the drug slogan "Just say No to food!" Next to impossible we know.

    Love your pictures.

  6. Is there some way besides hand cuffs to keep from eating all that good food and drinks?

  7. We stayed in Palmetto back in January. I loved the hiking trails. Thanks for the great pics.

  8. Looks like an amazing park! I know what you mean about gaining weight. It always seems to happen to me in the winter. Spring usually means another diet. This time you're even partially to blame for it!