Saturday, March 19, 2016

More Fun Times at Betty’s RV Park…

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One thing about staying at Betty’s during the spring season is that there is always lots of activities happening on the weekends. We have been to several festivals and music jams. One of the places that hosts a Cajun music jam (Touchets) is frequented by RV’ers from all over the place who all stay at Betty’s RV Park. When we go to Touchets it is like visiting family. So much so that one afternoon Calvin and Donna Touchet (owners of Touchets) actually came to Betty’s and made all the people here a fabulous dinner as a thank you for our patronage. What a feast we had and we towards the end of the evening Bernie was serving up his famous Alligator Farts.

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A while back one of the people in the park (Jean Paul from Quebec, Canada) had a birthday that we all wanted to celebrate. To make it more memorable we combined it with a pot-luck and a beer tasting event. Everyone at the park brought a few different beers and we all filled our little cups to sample beers from all over the USA, as well as the world for that matter.

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Jean Paul sure seemed to enjoy this festive event as did all the other patrons at Betty’s RV Park. With all that great food, great beer and great friends at the party how could we not have fun? We may have to make sure we come back next year during John Paul’s birthday since we had such a blast this year.

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Recently we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day so we decided it would best be celebrated by another gathering at Betty’s. Several people got together to purchase and cook us all some corned beef and cabbage along with some great sides and desserts.We all chipped in for the supplies and had yet another fun filled evening with lots of laughter and camaraderie. We always seem to have a great time here at Betty’s RV.

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However as we get closer to our time to depart our eyes are focused on the Interstate 10 closure at the Texas-Louisiana border. We are sure hoping it will open before we head out on Monday otherwise we are going to have to come up with an alternate plan to make our way over to College Station, Texas…


  1. We visited Touchets also. What a wonderful way to say thank you!
    Can't beat Betty's for a good time! Safe travels.

  2. Looks like you're going from one party to another. You certainly must be enjoying yourselves with all that beer!

  3. I-10 is open. Hubby is from that part of Louisiana. In fact his family home had to be moved when the Interstate came thru. It was right at the overpass on Exit 4. One brother built a levee around his house with the flooding last week. Managed to save his house.

    One of these days we have to stop at Betty's. Heard so much about it over the years.

  4. We enjoyed Betty's and especially Touchet's saturday Jam session, non stop party there all the time.

  5. Thanks for letting us know how great Betty's is! We had a great time there and it was so good to meet you after reading your blog for years. Your blog was one of those that encouraged us to go full-time and now we're doing it! See you again soon!