Sunday, May 19, 2019

Last Days in College Station, Texas…


NOTE: I had my largest break in blogging as I was trying to get Open Live Writer working with Google photos. Finally got it and back to OLW instead of blogger again…

Our time to leave College Station was nearing but before leaving we discovered something new in town!. Apparently while we gone over the last year Texas A&M University decided to build a teaching garden on its west campus.


We heard from a friend about this garden so we drove over to find it It was not particularly easy to find but with the help of our Garmin GPS we found it. The Leach Teaching Gardens are spread out over 27 acres and were designed to show the importance of plants to life on earth.

While this garden as it currently exists is only the first of several phases to be built we sure enjoyed our leisurely stroll around the gardens as they are today. There are several areas of the existing gardens left in an undisturbed state to highlight the native plants found in this part of Texas.


There were still many flowering plants blooming late into May as this area has been experiencing much higher than average precipitation. During our monthlong stay it has rained a lot and even a few severe thunderstorms have passed through. One afternoon we hurried over to one of the University’s parking garages to wait out a Tornado Warning during a storm that produced a brief tornado not far from our RV. Spooky to say the least…


With our time winding down it was time to say goodbye to our friends from our old hometown.  Anne and Gary, invited us over for a crawfish boil one Saturday afternoon. It sure was enjoyable to get together with close friends to enjoy some good laughs and great food.


One afternoon we met up with an old friend of mine who is a master beekeeper and had a great chat with him. Gene is well known for his knowledge of bee keeping and has worked at Texas A&M as an expert in the field. Better yet he sells his honey under the label of ETzzz Bzzz. Under his web site he also sells queens to those interested in starting up new hives. As always we will be leaving College Station with a motherlode of local honey thanks to Gene! Next stop will be Sommerville Lake for a couple of days….

NOTE: We are now in Lockhart Texas and then will move over to Canyon Lake till June 3rd…


  1. So much fu there , now safe travels on the road again.

  2. You all sure have had a great time in College Station!!!
    Your pictures didn’t show up but if I clicked on where the picture was suppose to be they came up. FYI

    1. I tested it a lot and never had that issue... maybe you had bad internet where you were. Let me know if it happens again on my next blog.

  3. Beautiful place. The crawfish and honey sound great.