Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lake Sommerville and Blue Bell Creamery Tx


One last get together with friends in College Station and then it was time to hit the road. We had a flex day built into our schedule so we decided to leave a day early and drive over to Yegua Creek COE Campground near Lake Sommerville for a change in scenery.


Well as bad luck would have it my phone was having charging issues so just before we left College Station we drove over to the local Verizon store to find out what my options were. Well we were out of warranty, of course, but it was open enrollment for signing up for phone insurance. The fellow suggested I sign up and then immediately make a claim that my charging jack was, well, jacked up!


Upon making the claim, it was explained Verizon would send a new refurbished phone overnight to my address. Wait! I don’t have an address… So we called our friend Carol in town and asked if it was okay to use her address for my new phone to be sent to. She agreed which of course meant we would have to drive back into town from Yegua Creek Campground to retrieve my new phone, sigh…


With everything ordered we packed up and left for the lake. This Corps of Engineer park was partly closed due to flooding from all the rain in the area. One loop's road was underwater as well as several picnic sites, the boat ramp and even the amphitheater. We were on a site which was high and dry with a very nice lake view.


The painted buntings were singing all around us and we even spotted a Killdeer feigning as if it had a broken wing in hopes we would follow it away from her lone egg in her nest on the ground. Very cool…


We were only here for two days so we mostly just walked around the park and enjoyed the wild flowers. We did take one side trip over to nearby Brenham Texas. Why would we go to Brenham? Well it is the birthplace for Blue Bell Ice Cream, our absolute favorite ice cream!!!


There is no real tour at the plant but visitors can go to an observation deck where a nice young lady told us what was going on within the manufacturing floor below. They were filling small single serving cups, half gallon containers, and five gallon containers of Homemade Vanilla as well as Cookies and Cream flavors this day. No pictures allowed so you have to take my word for it. We did stop at the ice cream counter to buy a few scoops of Blue Bell ice cream for a $1 per scoop. Yum!

It was a fun two days but it time for us to leave this scenic campsite and head a little further west…

NOTE: We just left Lockhart Texas and moved over to Potters Creek CG on Canyon Lake Tx until June 3rd…


  1. Ah shucks - No FREE samples! Looks yummy!

  2. Hope you received your phone in good order!! The COE Park sure is pretty!! Most are...a good place to relax!!!
    Safe travels!!

  3. Phones are so handy but a curse when they don't cooperate. $1 ice cream!