Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Chama NM and Pagosa Springs CO…

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Abiquiu Lake was a great place to stay to unwind and enjoy the New Mexico scenery.. As our time came to leave we headed further north and stopped at Twin Rivers RV Park and Campground. We would only stay for two nights and one of the main reasons we chose this park was that they also had propane and we were completely empty.

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While we don’t use a lot of propane we love to use it when we need to boil water and need to get the chill out of the RV when its cold in the morning. We have never in the last eight plus years ever run completely out of propane so I was a bit worried that we might have a leak. Therefore I wanted to fill our tank about halfway and stay at the park behind the gas station to see if it leaked during our two day stay.


Well after our stay in Chama our propane gauge stayed at just a bit over half full easing our minds that we didn’t have had a leak. I guess I just hadn’t been paying attention to how much propane we had been using since we use so little. I really need to pay more attention to the gauge so we don’t run out again in the future.


So what did we do while we were in Chama NM. Not much! We had no desire to take the train out of Chama which is the main reason to visit this area. We had taken the train from Durango CO to Silverton CO and back in the past and while it was fun we had no real desire to ride this one. After our last train ride in Colorado all we could remember was the soot that found its way onto us messing up our clothes. So no more coal fired trains for us…


After Chama we would be moving north into the state of Colorado to stay at Pagosa Pines RV Park in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Pagosa Springs is  a cool little town which boasts to have the deepest hot springs in the USA. While we didn’t partake in the commercialized version of the hot springs we did dip our toes in the free hot springs nearby.

After our travel day and short walk around town we ended up at the Pagosa Brewing Company for a cold draft. While we tasted several of their beers we were mostly unimpressed with them so we moved on over to Riff Raff Brewing in downtown Pagosa Springs. What a difference in taste. We loved their beers and were lucky enough to be there on the day they fill growlers (64 ounce bottles) for $8.00. Needless to say we had ours filled for another day…

NOTE: We are currently in Mancos CO and then on to Cortez for a few days…


  1. I was thinking 'Wolf Creek Pass' on your play list :) but you have already moved on west. Such a beautiful area.

    1. We did do the pass and will offer my thoughts on it in the next blog...

  2. I keep thinking that we might enjoy Pagosa Springs