Monday, September 30, 2019

Fun Things to See Near Bluff Utah…


Our few days in Bluff Utah we took drives to see some sights as we are in Indian Territory and they frown upon hiking most anywhere. Nonetheless there are plenty of things to see in the area.


Our first stop was a short drive over to see Mexican Hat,an intriguing balancing rock resembling an upside down sombrero. This distinctive landmark is visible miles away and looks pretty much the same up close as it does far away. We walked around it a bit to snap some photos and then moved on.


Nearby was Goosenecks State Park so we pulled into it ($5/car entrance) and checked out the sights. Similar to what I have seen in photos of Horseshoe Bend (a sight we plan to see down the road) it is really pretty cool to look down to see where the river meanders and the erosion left behind.


Further down the road there were signs warning that anything over 10,000 lbs. should turn around as the road ahead was not suitable for such rigs. Another sign warned of steep grades and switchbacks. Next a sign indicated the pavement would end and become a dirt road. We had now entered the Moki Dugaway


It was constructed in 1958 by Texas mining company to transport uranium ore to the processing mill in Mexican Hat. This graded dirt road is carved into the face of the cliff on Cedar Mesa. It is 3 miles of steep, switch backed, 10% grade dirt road winding 1,200 feet from the valley floor to top of Cedar Mesa.


What a fun drive it was up to the top! Once at the top we were near the Muley Point overlook so we turned left at the top of Moki Dugaway and drove several miles down another dirt road that ended at Muley Point. It was similar to Gooseneck but not as stunning however we figured it was a great spot for a late lunch.

There was more on our list to see but we decided to drive back down Moki and return home for the day.

NOTE: We are now in Fredonia AZ for a week to rest after all that fast moving we were doing due to so many parks being full this time of year…


  1. so much to do in seemingly boring little Bluff, Utah!

  2. We were quite surprised at what Bluff had to offer ... and what it didn't. I was driving the Tundra one trip and chickened out on the Moki Dugaway, didn't want to mess with my ride home. I decided to pick up a bottle of wine and return to the little motel. Little did I know it was over 40 mi one-way to the closet bottle of wine!
    Thanks for the pictures of the views from and of the Dugaway.

  3. Some amazing scenery thanks for sharing with us.

  4. If you ever get back to Bluff, make sure you visit the Visitor Center/Museum. Ask to see the original movie that is in one of the out buildings (the newer movie isn't realistic). The movie shows the struggles of the Mormons as they came to settle the area. It is amazing that they survived. Also, once you get to the top of the Dugway, that is the road to some amazing ruins. This is all BLM land and there are so many ruins in the wild.

  5. I remember Moki Dugway from years ago. What a name, and what a drive. Thanks. I enjoyed this.