Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Mrs...

It always amuses me to read my husband's blog.  I rediscover the reasons I married him at each reading;  mainly because he thinks so differently than I.  He loves research whereas I am too impatient to endure it.  He is  methodical and practical when buying; I am emotional and spontaneous.   The process of choosing our RV is sooooo laborious to me but as with all our other big purchases, I can rest assured that my DH will make the most practical decision possible. He has patiently collected information about what I want:  It has to be comfortable with pleasing decor.  The kitchen has to be functional as we love to cook and bake.  There HAS to be closet space because of my "essentials". And (tee-hee) what I think is essential may somewhat conflict with what is most practical.  I love clothes and shoes and makeup.  Most women would relate that it is a big dilemma to decide just which shoes are possible to live without. This year before we commit to the new lifestyle will give me time to evaluate the essentials.  I will pay more attention when we go on vacations this year and picture life with what I have in my suitcase.  The thing that fills me with joyous anticipation is remembering the time we first married we didn't have much, yet were extremely happy.  It seems we will be going full circle to a simpler life but certainly richer because
at this time of our lives we have the opportunity to enjoy each other, to travel and explore, and love one another again like honeymooners.   I can't wait!


  1. Mrs., you and I want the same thing out of our retirement home on wheels. I lean toward Carriage Carri Lite for the bedroom storage, the kitchen storage, and the larger fridge for the same reasons you speak of.

    There are some Cameo's that have all those amenities but very few. Maybe you have to special order them. We went to Seguin, TX back in the fall to compare the two models, both are rated fulltime and excellent quality.

    We haven't made our final decision on our fulltime RV, but will this year.

    Have a great day!


  2. Thanks for your comments! We have been to Houston browsing and are leaning toward a class A rig with a 4 wheel drive tow vehicle. Isn't it dizzying trying to decide. Like you, we want the best quality we can afford. Hope to see you on the road!
    the Mrs...