Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Learning the ropes...

 Well I decided to reach out to those with wisdom and posted a question on a web site devoted to RV's.  My question was this - "Is anyone Full Timing in 34 Foot or less Motorhome? My wife and I are going to full time in March 2011 and are leaning towards 34 feet or less. Just wondering if anyone here full times in 34 feet or less motor homes and if so what are your thoughts about it?

The feedback was very enlightening and pointed out some flaws in my thinking about what my future home will or should have.  If you had read my previous blogs about my wishes, desires and needs of my future RV then you would understand I have many wants.... But by conferring with thosewho actually full time in smaller RV's I have made some adjustments.

I will now look for a minimum of 3500 lbs CCC instead of greater than 2000 as several pointed out that to full time I would need this much CCC.  I have also decided against the electric awning and go for the manual awning after much discussion about the shortcoming of the electric one. Also, I will more closely scrutinize the attributes of the14 cuft refrigerator.

I am still looking at a 34 footer or so to allow me the most flexibility to get into more sites that a 40 footer just won't let us do. As was mentioned earlier I  have just recently gotten the cd from rv.org as to quality and handling issues with RV's and my single biggest task now is not buying a piece of junk that won't handle well.

There are just too many brands and models and each one has a specific "best use" which isn't advertised anywhere... combine this with the varied opinions and it makes it very difficult for a first time buyer to make their initial purchase.  Lots and lots of research is still ahead and fortunately time is still on my side...


  1. I guess the only advice I would give on the size would be to visit dealers and shows. Spend some time in the various sizes and just get a feel for what is comfortable to you. We have been in some 38' 5ers that feel like they're cramped and in some 34'ers that feel open and comfortable.

    Good luck. We're still researching for our "right" choice and somedays my head feels like it's spinning. I know that whatever we choose will have it's pros and cons hopefully we will have cut the cons down to a minimum with the research. --Rod

  2. I agree one hundred percent - it is really all about elimination so we end up with a pool of acceptable rigs... one of which wil hopefully have the "wow" factor for us and one for you as well.

  3. Ha, you did answer the 2000 pound cargo question. I'll keep reading and see how things go.