Monday, January 24, 2011

Insuring a motorhome…

stepsInsuring a motorhome… is not an easy task! I have contacted at least six different insurance companies and have gotten each to give me quotes that are as comparable as I can get.  I still have a few more to get as well.  I have laid them all mirrorout upon a spreadsheet for comparison purposes and there seems to be two groups that are similarly priced.

For the motorhome we hope to purchase the insurance is running from about $125 per month to $155 per month depending on who we choose. This is full timer insurance. Now obviously cost is a major factor for us but it is not going to be the only one in our decision since the main reason we have insurance is so that the claim process goes smooth and easy. So although We know which insurance company I am leaning towards We will ultimately decide after reading more forums and blogs of those who have had to make claims.

pieceAnd yes I know I am running out of time as the fellow who I hope to buy our future home from wants to meet on Friday and complete the transaction…

… I better get busy…


  1. Will you be able to get any extended warrantee coverage? Seems like everyone has some issues early on with the mechanics. Is this a bigger problem with a private sale?

    I have also read that when getting your insurance you might strongly consider separate ridders on some of your more valuable possessions such as cameras, jewelry, computers etc. Since you will no longer have home owners insurance, theft or loss of these things might not be covered.

    I have forgotten who wrote about it recently when a friend of theirs had their toad robbed of about $7000 of stuff.

    I have a separate rider on my home owners for my husband's camera equipment. Just one lens cost over $3000.

  2. Merikay the first three I have fully looked at only cover 5000 in personal effects so either you have to have them cover more or get an additional policy like you suggested...

  3. We're pretty tech heavy, so we also added to the personal effects coverage. Kudos for intelligently shopping around. A lot of people check two or three places and just go with the cheapest.

  4. We added an extra rider too... it was only $100 more a year but covered all of our additional contents at replacement value. (most rv policies only cover $500 in possessions)

    You might want to double check the towing information too. Our friend's State Farm only allowed $250. After their wreck, it need three flat bed trucks to haul it all away, and they had to come up with $950 on the spot for the tow company!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Lots of luck in this transaction. We have purchased three motorhomes from individuals and sold four to individuals....all went very smoothly!
    Our full-time insurance covered more than $500 in possessions....maybe the difference in full-time and recreational policy??? or just the particular policy. Anyway....our fingers are crossed for you to have a great experience!

  6. Boy I sure wish all you guys had discussed the companies you are with. Real variety here in comments on insurance for full timers.

    Good Luck Heyduke! Want to hear what you finally decide and get a look at this RV you're gonna be calling home.


  7. How exciting! can't wait to see pictures!