Friday, November 16, 2012

Bentsen Rio Grande Village RV Park…

Apache Trail AZ 026

Apache Trail AZ 027The “Abbey” has landed… Well we finally made it down to the Rio Grande Valley as we pulled Abbey into site 419 at Bentsen Rio Grande Village RV Park about 3:00 pm in the afternoon yesterday. We came in a day early but there was no problem accommodating us. The drive down State Road 83 was slow and full of construction so thank goodness the drive was only about 134 miles. The only down side of being here is that we will have overcast skies with intermittent drizzle for the next several days, but at least it isn’t cold!

Apache Trail AZ 024Now that we have landed in a place we will be for two whole months (hope the hitch itch doesn’t get me too bad) we will be able to take care of some lingering maintence issues. The main concern is getting our extending steps fixed. Some time ago the main gear started to strip and we have been having to assist in retracting the steps before leaving. This has been a pain in the butt and it needs to be addressed now, not later.

Otherwise there are some small issues we hope to resolve such as replacing a toilet seal since the bowl won’t hold water anymore, replace the strings in our dining room shade, replace the hot water heater anode rod, and just take care of some other smaller issues. This time will allow us to wax the motorhome, clean out and re-organize the bins, and to make some minor upgrades and improvements to Abbey to make life in her better.

Apache Trail AZ 025We are in a nice setting however as nice as everyone said this park is for the Rio Grande Valley it doesn’t have anything on the wintering parks in Arizona which in our opinion offer many more amenities for about the same price. So life will slow down while we are parked for a longer period and as a result the blog post may come a bit less frequently… unless of course we find we have things to say…

NOTE: The pictures today are from a walk we took in Arizona where a nature trail had a recently paved walkway where the desert critters couldn’t read the signs about staying off the freshly poured concrete… My best guess on the tracks are bobcat and desert cottontail on the header, bobcat paw, gamble's quail, and the last one I think may be a road runner. Anyone else?


  1. Welcome to the RGV. The weather sure hasn't lived up to what we expect. Enjoy your stay.

  2. I am volunteering at the Laguna Atascosa NWR and there is a sidewalk with cat prints in it. I have to ask someone here if the same thing happened. I was going to volunteer at Bentsen, but it is too far of a drive to visit my daughter on South Padre Island. Enjoy your time in South Texas, hopefully the sun will come back out.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to hunker down and take care of all the repairs... then you will be good to roll again. The blind re-stringing was a huge task, so we paid someone to do it for our Coachman day/night shades. He was a retired Levelor blind worker and knew how to do it right in his own driveway!

    Your pics are really great!

    Karen and Steveio
    (Old Blog Name) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard
    (New Blog Name) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Enjoy your stay there and get caught up on all the minor repairs and maintenance.

  5. We are currently at Four Paws Kingdom Campground in NC for 3 months. After 1.5 months, we got the hitch itch. We love it here, but are definitely reading for new adventures.